A Peek Inside Traditional Home’s Holiday House

By danielle


~by Ivy Harrison

Founded three years ago to benefit Susan G Komen for the Cure, Traditional Home’s Holiday House features top designers, who design rooms based on a holiday or special moment. Housed in a historic mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the Holiday House hosts a range of design events, all raising money for the cure.

I attended an event last night, and spoke with some of the designers who created these magical spaces. Suzanne Eason, who dreamed up a hauntingly luxurious room entitled, “Dark and Stormy A Cautionary Tale of Halloween,” combines Halloween motifs and high design. Featuring lush colors and materials Eason told me that the inspiration behind the room came from Edgar Allen Poe’s dark and dramatic “The Raven.”

On the ceiling, Poe’s “The Raven” meets Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” Trove’s Indi pattern, which is a graphic tribute to the luminary Hitchcock, can be found circling a crystal chandelier- it is striking and beautiful.

Other notable rooms included Debra Landis’s “Night at the Oscars, replete with old movie photographs and a large screen playing notable films.

Bonnie Steves, Lana Lawrence, and Sherri Skov created a “Birthday Celebration” room, celebrating “less cancer and more birthdays.” This room, a “Dare to Wear Woman’s Dressing Room” features soft browns and pinks, plenty of beautiful feminine touches, and a wonderful photograph by Laurie Klein.

Photo courtesy of Marisa Pellegrini


This special design event runs each year from November 16- December 11. Upcoming events include a Holiday Shopping Night, tonight, December 6, from 2pm-8pm, an author’s book signing on Thursday December 8 (from 6pm-8pm), a Christmas play on Friday December 9th (at 2pm) and a court yard sale on Sunday December 11 (from 11am-3pm).

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