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If you’re searching for a meaningful, off-the-beaten-path adventure on New Year’s Eve, you may want to consider a road trip to Danbury, Connecticut. As part of First Night Danbury, The Mercurial Gallery is hosting a soiree for the senses with Ecuadoran dancers and a photographic installation of beautifully haunting images that could help save indigenous tribes in the Amazon.

From 4-8pm, the gallery will host an opening reception for “Selva Fantasma: Images from the Undeforestation Project.” As the name suggests (“Selva Fantasma” roughly translates to “jungle ghost”), the exhibit features ethereal photographs of the Amazon by Brooklyn-based artists Summer Moore and Marissa Macias. Though each has a different photography style, collectively it forms a strong narrative that reveals a side of the Amazon rarely seen before. According to Macias, “Remnants, leftovers, and spirits are a big part of what our work in the Amazon conveys.”

The exhibit is part of Moore and Macias’ larger initiative, the Undeforestation Project, that uses photography to “document, revere, and conserve the rainforests of the Amazon.” What began as a two-week trip to Peru has turned into an ongoing collaboration with The Rainforest Foundation to help protect indigenous tribes in the Amazon. As Moore explains it, “I remember saying to myself as we hiked through the jungle, ‘Wow, this place really exists, it’s not a myth.’ And with that comes this intense desire to want to preserve it, not only for its absolute beauty, but because it’s a home to many communities who are having a difficult time fending for themselves.” Moore and Macias hope to produce an artful photographic book with all of the proceeds benefiting The Rainforest Foundation, which has been advocating the protection of indigenous tribes and rainforests for over 20 years.

“Selva Fantasma: Images from the Undeforestation Project” will be on display at The Mercurial Gallery from December 31 – March 2, 2012. All of the artists’ proceeds from the exhibit will be siphoned directly back into the Undeforestation Project, either by funding a second trip to Peru or kick-starting the book’s production with the images Macias and Moore shot during their trip in 2010. We hope to see you there!

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