No Child Left Without a Laptop

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by blogger Madeleine DiSalvo

Today in our society, technology is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity, think about an ultrabook, it used to be very expensive and it can be used for heavy tasks like programming, heavy gaming, as well as for engineering without lag. But now you can buy it for a cheaper price with lots of choices. Developing countries are constantly at a disadvantage because they lack the essential means of technological practices that keep the leading countries thriving. The importance of exposing children to technology at a young age seems more and more vital as we head further and further into the computer age. I remember spending countless hours trying to explain basic computer instruction to my parents, who were as my mother calls it, are “computer challenged.” My parents’ lack of familiarity with computers, only leads me to believe that children who haven’t had the luxury of watching “Dora the Explorer” on their portable dvd/blue ray players beginning in utero, share some the same problems. The new XO-3 tablet has plans to bridge this gap.

The new tablet is being introduced this week at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This new gadget is not designed for the cutting edge technology junkies of the computer age but instead for poor children in developing nations. The XO-3 tablet integrates off-grid power sources and durable, kid-friendly design to provide a low-cost, energy efficient way for children in developing nations to learn and utilize technology.

The tablet is part of a 6-year collaboration with Yves Behar, founder of fuseproject and OLPC Chief Designer, and Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the non-profit organization, One Laptop Per Child. The goal was to minimize complexity, while delivering a high quality, and a heightened touch feel. This is achieved through the green anti-slip grip rubber boarder, which provides a safe and protective casing to the laptop. The connectors, power switch and speakers are arranged on the bottom edge, facing the user. One of the new features includes the solar cover option that can house a solar panel and combined with internal batteries for outdoor or indoor charging keeps the laptop energized.

Across the world, new generations of children are no longer being left in the dark when it comes to technology. With the help of the XO-3 tablet, developing nations are given the opportunity to improve the lives of their youth so we avoid another “technologically challenged” generation.

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