JAPAN NEXT EXHIBITION revisits traditional design.

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Japan has historically been a great influence in the world of art and design. With everything from its exquisite handicrafts and architecture to its highly disseminated anime and manga culture that has made its way into films and museums (The Matrix; Takashi Murakami; etcetera), the importance of Japanese design, both traditional and contemporary, is undeniable. It is with this in mind that Fashion Journalist Yoshiko Ikoma produced JAPAN NEXT EXHIBITION: “Future Tradition WAO.” The exhibition is a response to the demand for a paradigm shift in the sense of the design world’s values. As designers reconsider the importance of traditional technologies, worldwide attention is increasingly focused on “Japanese Handicrafts,” engendering a new artistic form based on the “useful beauty” of Japanese luxury items.

The exhibition’s very first installment will be at Capsule Studio in New York City from February 10th through the 12th, featuring innovative items designed and produced with a contemporary Japanese sensibility. It will include include Collaboration Handicrafts with well-known brands such as Louis Vuitton, FENDI, Baccarat, and Hello Kitty, as well as Curators-selected Handicrafts, and Future Tradition Handicrafts. Curators of the exhibition include Maiko Itai, Miss Universe Japan 2010, Sayumi Gunji, Creative Director of Vogue Girl, Architect Kengo Kuma, and Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa among other influential individuals, making this exhibition a truly collaborative effort between all areas of art and design.

“We are eager to present our creativity and craftsmanship to the city of New York,” says Ikoma. “The collection of designers and products are truly inspiring and we look forward to sharing the innovation and “secrets” of Japanese traditional crafts.”

To learn more about “Future Tradition WAO,” Cool Japan, and the featured products in the exhibition, please visit http://cooljapan-wao.com/.

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