Flos’ Wallpiercing Featured in ARTIC Exhibition

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Flos, the renowned Italian lighting design company, is known for its creative and innovative lighting solutions. So it comes as no surprise that a design from their Soft Architecture collection has made it into a museum.

Flos’ Wallpiercing installation by New York-based artist and designer Ron Gilad is currently being featured in “Rethinking Typologies: Architecture and Design from the Permanent Collection” at the Art Institute of Chicago, which runs until July 29th. Wallpiercing, designed in 2010 by Gilad, is an adaptive lighting system for vertical surfaces. The ring-shaped light essentially pierces the wall, and when grouped in multiple units, offers a range of graphic and lighting effects. By linking these units together, the user is able to create a customizable collage that spans any desired length or height. LED light sources produce a diffused, luminous effect in a range of colors and intensities, altering the mood and appearance of any environment. With lighting playing such an important role in the perception of a space, a fully customizable lighting system offers an almost endless range of possibilities for both residential and architectural applications. And what I like most about Wallpiercing is that it functions as both a utilitarian and aesthetic object; it illuminates while being both a wall collage and contemporary sculpture.

“Rethinking Typologies” takes a broad historical view of the innovations that have shaped contemporary life and the built environment, from the development of the modern house to the emergence of information design. Spanning the 20th and 21st centuries, suites of work devoted to historical and emerging typologies in architecture and design address the challenges that each era faces in adapting conventional ideas to new technology, social needs, and cultural ideas.

To learn more about Flos’ Wallpiercing, visit www.flosusa.com. Further information on the exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago can be found at www.artic.edu.

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