Moods from Salone del Mobile 2012

By barbara


Professionals from around the world gathered in Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2012. A heavy rain was the backdrop to the whole design week. We carried on…soaking wet but not discouraged.  There were many locations, events, product presentations; all of which were crowded with visitors. While it is impossible to post them all, here’s an excerpt of the insights and macro-trends I recorded:

• Retro for nostalgic

Different shapes and textures echoing the 50’s. Inlaid wood, 3D cut glass, tall and thin legs. A great blast from the past revisited in a contemporary way.


1- Bisazza Glass 2,5- Hayon for Bisazza 3, 4- Marcel Wanders for Bisazza 6- Nemo lamp at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro 7- Ballantines, Armchair 8 - Bathtub by Agape 9- Original chair from the '50s by Gio' Ponti tapestried by Rubelli at Spazio Rossana Orlandi 10- Cassina at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro 11- Barovier&Toso lighting at Orto Botanico in Brera district beaufitully presented by Paola Navone 12- Crystal Bulb by Lee Broom 13- Fridge by Alpes at Fiera Rho 14- Antonio Marras presents Milly Collection, a 2 floors space dedicated to the Milanese singer Milly at Spazio Orlandi.

Natural & Recycled

Use of natural materials, almost raw, unfinished. Basic, sometimes conceptual processes. Lots of trunks sections, unfinished woods, bamboo and cardboard combined together in simple yet provocative ways.

New functions and waste materials become the protagonists of many creative, colorful, often “plasticky” creations.

1 – Viminibidi by Giulia Cavazzani at University of Bozen- Bolzano 2 – Wener Aisslinger, a reusable freme kit to shape plants into objects 3- Dutch Slow Design, Koning Willem I College 4 – Dominic Wilcox, life performance at Logotel 5 – Spazio Rossana Orlandi 6 - Poliform - 9 – U.F.O. by Yael Fierro at University of Bozen – Bolzano 10 - Piet Hein Eek 11- Haags Werk at Zona Ventura Lambrate 12 – Ingo Mauer’s LED butterflies 13,14,15 – Nacho Carbonell’s exhibition at Spazio Orlandi 16, 18 - Lee Oshrat, Ilturation at Bezalel Academy of A&D 17,19 – Gruppo di Installazione presents Black sheep wool production 20 - Plusdesign Gallery in Ventura Lambrate 21 - Design Academy Eindhoven 22 - Fermetti and Johan Willekens for Atelier Belge 23 –Lee Broom for Ballantines 24 - Saran Yen Panya Cheap Ass Elites at Spazio Rossana Orlandi 25 – Design Academy Eindhoven presents Michiel Marten

Knitting, Weaving & Textures

Recurrent knitting and weaving of textiles, as well as unusual materials such as metal, tires, spiderwebs (amazing how resistant spiderwebs are!), plastic, and paper. The effect is often surprisingly beautiful. Interesting 3D textures created with leather and fabrics.

2, 4 – Bamboo steel table by Nendo 3,11 - Textures details by Moroso 5 – Spiderweb project at Design Academy Eindhoven 6,8,9,10 – Unique Handwoven textiles by Lofstrom, - 12, 15 Chair Wear by Bernotat 13,14 – PlusDesign Gallery in Lambrate Ventura 16 – Design Academy Eindhoven 17 – Benjamin Hubert celebrates Poltrona Frau’s Centenary 18,20 – Sophie Fischer hosted by Spazio Rossana Orlandi 19 – Studio Hausen Chair for Instant Story 21, 22 – Moroso 23 - Poliform

Sleek & Simple

Simple and clean shapes. Many straight lines, basic geometric shapes blending sharp edges and organic forms.Continuous tensions between empty and full spaces are defined by extremely thin legs, large plans, objects suspended on light structures.

2 – Unlimited by Os-Kar 3 – Jacob Jorkensen, Poet’s book Hanger 4 – Applaus by Cindy Strobach 5, 6,13,20 – Bisazza, The Nendo Collection 7 – Cassina at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro - 8 – Peter Johansen 10 – Marthe Biezen for Design Academy Eindhoven 11 – Fiera Rho 12 –Gary Card introduces the COS collection 14 – Armachair by Established & Sons in the space designed by Constance Guisset 15, 16 – 1616 Arita Japan porcelain at Spazio Rossana Orlandi 17, 18 – Laufen 19, 21 – Poltrona Frau and Cassina at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro 22 – Cristalplant & Poliform at the Temporary Museum for New Design 23 – Odile Decq with Fiandre at Statale University

• Colorfool & Balloons

Beside natural and neutral nuances from the Earth, we have very vivid and bright colors. Better if the colors are many and all together. Red, purple, orange and green are all very bright and brilliant. Strong also the sphere theme: more or less regular or slightly squeezed, monochrome or color, solid or hollow.

1 – Studio Hausen supported by set designer Sarah Illenberger at Berlin Milan 2012 2 – Established & Sons 3 – Denis Drouet at Play In Progress 4 – Richard Woods’ patterns in collaboration with Sebastian Wrong for Established & Sons 5 – Ikea textiles 6 – Moroso 7,9 – Installation curated by Guisset, Established & Sons 8 – Juliet by Hubert for Moroso 10 – Cappellini 11 - Dennis Parren's Colourful Mysteries of Light 12,14 – Cassina 13 – Antonio Marras at Spazio Rossana Orlandi 15 – A micro-architecture by Numen for Logotel 16 – Aldo Cibic’s colorful carpet 17 – Indesit oven

1,2 – Tom Dixon at MOST 3,11 - Franco Albini for Cassina and Nemo lighting 5,7 - Maarten De Ceulaer presents his pieces in many different locations 6 – Bernotat, Chair Wear 9, 10 - Maarten De Ceulaer used balloons to mold his pieces of furniture

  • Talks on Design

New topics and an interesting discourse to grow and improve the design practice. The crisis stimulated reflections on new meanings of design. We have certain needs. How Design can help us to satisfy them? Do we need another product? Is there another way to meet them without any damage to our surroundings? This seemed the essence of many round tables and talks that took place during the Salone, first for sure the beautiful Be Open series organized by Francesco Morace at the Statale University.

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