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The Young & the Talented at ICFF

By heba


Although we were excited to see our favorite name-brand designers, we were even more thrilled to see the newest crop of companies on display at the Javits and around the city. After checking out their innovative and ambitious designs, we know our future is in good hands. Here’s a look at some up-and-coming designers that caught our eye at ICFF and New York Design Week this year!

Edwin BlueIndustrial designer Clayton Vogel and architect Matthew Hufft are longtime friends and founders of Edwin Blue, a furniture company that focuses on beauty, functionality and quality. Though they are know for their outdoor furniture, they introduced a new indoor line at ICFF and went on to win a “Metropolis Likes” design award for the furniture collection.

Louis Lim: Louis Lim, former assistant to and good friend of Takeshi Miyakawa, introduced the Round & Round at WantedDesign‘s 12×12. The semicircle is both a bench and storage unit, made of reclaimed NYC wood. When one side of the bench is pushed in, a triangular drawer is revealed on the opposite and can be rotated around the entire circle.

Soft Structures: Students from Parsons, the New School for Design collaborated with Carnegie Fabrics, using their cradle-to-cradle certified textile, Xorel to create a “Temporary Space Studio.” For the culmination of a course led by Moorhead and Moorhead, students explored the role of textiles as dominant space-defining elements. As such, the installation is an overhead canopy composed of simply folded fabric pyramids – the ultimate soft structure. (A student who worked on the installation, Behnaz Babazadeh, is shown with the structure)

Bec Brittain + Fort StandardBec Brittain and Fort Standard debuted new furniture and lighting in a joint installation at the large industrial space of 22 Bond Street.  The two designers also collaborated on an exciting new project.

Once RemovedCurated by Jaime Kopke and Jordan Kushins, Once Removed invited nine designers – including Atelier Takagi, Brendan Ravenhill, Craighton Berman, Rachel Boxnboim, and Studio Swine – to create a new piece inspired by personal snapshots from the daily life of another designer in the group. The perspective swap helped the designers inform each others’ process from afar and created a collection united by a unique communal vision.

Noho NextNoho Next, Noho Design District’s third talent showcase featured designs by members of the American Design Club, including Jen Turner, Farrah Sit, Bryce Wymer, So Takahashi, Icaoli & McAllister, and others. The designers’ latest works were installed in storefront windows throughout Noho, amounting to a curated walking tour of the American design scene.

Focal Upright FurnitureThe Workstation Evolved: Footwear designer Martin Keen likes to work while standing and wanted to create a new seating and workstation concept. He decided to design the Locus seat, an adjustable, leaning chair that is easier on the back. Keen started the design with a tractor seat pitched forward with four legs and went on to create twenty-one prototypes. Locus guarantees a completely neutral posture between sitting and standing. It is designed to move with you and encourages small movements and active engagement, improving your health and your work. As Keen puts it, the Locus is, “a balance of triangulation.”

Volk FurnitureVolk Furniture introduced one of its new pieces at ICFF, the Walnut Dresser and Hutch. Every part of Volk’s handmade furniture, from the base to the drawer knobs, is made of reclaimed materials.

On the Calendar: Robert Allen Naturals Launch!

By heba


Our D-C bloggers love Robert Allen and their wide range of stunning textiles. We couldn’t be more excited for the launch of Naturals! The extraordinary new collection celebrates the way we live and each pattern features a construction and color story that sets it apart. Tomorrow  from 1-2:30pm, we’re heading over to the Robert Allen D&D showroom for lunch and the chance to meet with design team. The luncheon will also feature interactive design stations, live upholstering demonstrations and textile displays. In addition, our hosts will be providing us with a Naturals tote bag and delicious food, as well as the chance to win some of the Robert Allen team’s Brimfield market finds, covered in the new textiles! It’s not too late to RSVP  so don’t miss out on the fun!

Favorites from Clerkenwell Design Week

By danielle


This blog post is courtesy of one of our Italian correspondents, Mircea Masserini…

I’m one of those who had the true pleasure of attending the Clerkenwell Design Week in London. With three locations all packed with great design, this year the show was more impressive than ever! At the House of Detention  —a former Victorian prison— we spotted the cool Italian collective MADE IN BERGAMO, that grouped together the best of Italian design from the city of Bergamo.

Particularly interesting was the cardboard furniture by Cartunia, an entire line of design pieces made with special patented cardboard that is both fire and water resistant. From bookshelves and desks to stools and armchairs, the space featured a wide arrow of eco-friendly solutions at really affordable prices.

Libreria Bookshelf Unit

With a wooden frames and sleek design, Feb31st‘s lightweight spectacles caught our eye.  They are particularly interesting because every piece/model can customized. They are available in a wide range of color palettes for the inside and outside shell. You also have the opportunity to have your name carved into the frame.

Feb31st's Apus Vista Uomo

Browsing around we found another little gem: La Boîte Concept, a docking station dedicated to laptops, allows for the convergence of new media and high-fidelity. With this unit, the first of its kind completely dedicated to laptops, listening to our music stoked in iTunes will be finally noise-free, offering at the same time great sound fidelity and exceptional design.

Le Boite's docking station

Lucky for me, all the most important showrooms we within walking distance and opened theirs doors to the curious and the motley public of the show, organizing presentations, aperitivo and live performances. Two of them focused on were it all begins: letterprint, nowadays just a subject of study for designers really into print, and basically forgotten and neglected by everybody is having a new comeback. Both LIVE IN PRINT and Milliken organized event were the participant were asked to contribute and vote on the content of posters (made with letterpress – Live In Print) or taught how  to letterprint with a workshop run by Clerkenwell based graphic designer.



Last but not least, a young architect from Porto came out with a solution for every woman: shoes. Due to the lack of nice shoe-racks and shoe-storage Ana Cardoso created a simple and functional shoe cabinet, made both of wood and fabric. This organized, structured and elegant shoe storage is as beautiful as the pieces inside and underscores the importance these items represent in a modern day wardrobe. Plus, you can quickly and easily change your own fabric, whether it is just for cleaning or to adapt to your mood and times.

Product Picks from ICFF 2012, Part 1

By heba


Innovation was back and better than ever at the 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF)! We were lucky enough to spend several hours, or should we say days, at New York’s Javits Center and had the opportunity to touch, try and test drive the furnishings and learn the latest trends in lighting, wallcovering and more! There were over 500 exhibitors from more than 30 countries at the show, but we’ve managed to narrow down our favorites! Here are a few of our top picks as well as a look as some of ICFF’s Editors Awards winners!

Editors Awards Winners:

Autoban De La Espada

Axor Bouroullec


Mosa Tiles


Our D-C editors couldn’t agree more with the selection by the 2012 awards committee, which included: Arlene Hirst; Elizabeth Pagliacolo, Azure; Amanda Dameron, Dwell; Cristina Bonini, Interni; Chantal Hamaide, Intramuros; Paul Makovsky, Metropolis; and Pei-Ru Keh, Wallpaper. In addition to the ones selected by the jury, here’s some that caught our eye:

Peter Glassford’s versatile wall collages

Alsio’s textured wall tiles

Royal Botania’s relaxing outdoor furniture

Parvez Taj’s exciting booth

Tomomi Sayuda’s “Daydream” lighting made of Japanese Paper

Art of Board installations made of broken skateboards

M2L’s colorful and comfortable stools

Graypants’ Scrap Lights made of repurposed cardboard

Unique lighting installations from Marc Trotereau
The Strandkorb or “Beach Basket” Chair at the Oasiq booth

New Norwegian Design: Plain and Simple at ICFF

By danielle


He’s got an eye for emerging design, Scandinavian to be specific! Curated by Paul Makovsky, Editorial Director of Metropolis Magazine, the New Norwegian Design prototype exhibition, part of the Insidenorway booth, was one of the standouts at this year’s ICFF. It featured the innovative work of young designers who are just breaking into the market. The award-winning architectural firm Snøhetta (who co-hosted one heck of a party with Metropolis) debuted a prototype blanket, which was done in collaboration with Røros-Tweed, a manufacturer of blankets since 1940. “The blanks were specially commissioned for the exhibition as a way of symbolizing the potential for future collaborations between Norwegian manufacturers and young design firms,” says Makovsky.

The exhibition also featured products and designs from five Norwegian furniture companies: Variér, VAD, Stokke, Sundays and Røros-Tweed. VAD’s Convita chair caught our eye. Designed by Svein Asbørnsen, the recliner follows the curves and movement of the body. Leaning back, the footrest will automatically rise up to a perfect position for relaxation, with the feet at the same level as the heart. This improves blood flow and helps release stress. After 4 busy days at the fair, this looks like the perfect chair for a power nap!

I LOVE NEW YORK Artist Free!

By danielle


Thanks for reporting the good news Huffington Post! Takeshi Miyakawa was released from jail on Wednesday, after spending five days in prison for what Brooklyn residents thought was a bomb scare. In reality, it was a public art installation meant to showcase his love for the city. While we are glad he is out, we still can’t believe that the judge is insisting that he take a mental evaluation for the incident.

Free Takeshi Miyakawa

By danielle


We were shocked to hear that artist, furniture designer and one of our favorite former Brooklyn Designs standouts Takeshi Miyakawa was arrested on Saturday for doing what he does best – guerrilla art. He was taken into custody just after 2am while installing his “I (heart) New York” lighting project in Brooklyn. What was supposed to be a display of love for NYC and a celebration of New York Design Week was seen by another as bomb scare. The judge has sentenced Mr. Miyakawa to 30 days in jail and a mental evaluation.

We will be closely following this story and will share updates as we receive them. In the meantime, please sign the official petition to free Takeshi Miyakawa.

Where o’ Where is this SAVA Chair?

By danielle


Can you spot where the SAVA is? If so, then you could win one of Stylex‘s award-winning chairs. As part of their new ad campaign created by the Brooklyn-based graphic design form Maiarelli Studio, Stylex is running a special SAVA give-a-way on Facebook. They have already unveiled the first two clues:

Clue #1: The ads were shot in a location on the West Coast

Clue #2: The architect behind the space is also a poet and a professor!

If you’ve figured it out, LIKE the Stylex page on Facebook, type in your answer and you’re entered to win (if you are correct!). If you’re still not so sure, check back each week this month fore more helpful hints! The winner will be drawn and revealed on Friday, June 1.

Clue #1Clue #2

New York Design Week/ICFF Event Guide

By danielle




Product Placement 4.5

By heba


Products are often greatly overlooked in their roles as part of our everyday lives. Rarely do we consider the amount of effort and inspiration, the type of materials used, and the processes and alterations, that it takes to get our favorite products into our hands, whether they be pencils, a bag of chips or our beloved smartphones. This is Product Placement is a blog that offers a series of presentations and aims to fight that notion that products are “just something there to be consumed,” by concentrating on goods, their creators, and the stories behind them. Founders Kimberly Oliver and Julie Taraska use their knowledge in media, journalism and design to work with emerging and established designers and retailers to raise awareness about their businesses. The latest group of presentations, Product Placement 4.5: Heart of Glass, will take place on Sunday, May 20. This installment will explore a range of innovative glass items and will feature talks by product and interior powerhouse, Harry Allen; architect and Bocci Creative Director, Omer Arbel; lighting designer extraordinaire, Bec Brittain; and Aruliden Principal and product provocateur, Johan Liden. The event takes place from 1-3pm at 269 11th Avenue (between 27th and 28th Streets) in New York, as part of ICFF’s Wanted Design. Heart of Glass is free and open to public, though trade guests can preregister here.

Here’s a look at some of the products that will be discussed:

Bocci’s 38 Series lights

Jonah Liden’s Fishscape Fishbowl for Gaia & Gino

Harry Allen’s Black Swan vase

Bec Brittain’s Maxhedron chandelier

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