Francis Bitonti’s New Line: Technology & Design Join Forces

By alexandra


It’s fascinating to encounter the way that some designers go about their creative process. Some use complex technology that paradoxically results in products that look organic in form. Enter Francis Bitonti. Well-known for his “Alien” bike rack (officially the Squiggle), an entrant in the NYC Department of Transportation competition, the NY based architect/designer is now launching a line of furniture designed using cutting-edge software and mathematical methodology.

Bitoni uses advanced technologies like algorithmic form generation and 3D printing to create his work. “The use of animation programs mixed with algorithms creates the layers that are then fused together through computer-controlled methods of manufacturing.”  While we may not understand the science behind the new pieces, we think the outcome is delicate and multi-faceted. These are modern statement items.

A few highlights from the collection:

Squiggle Bike Rack (photo courtesy of

The Bristol Chair (photo courtesy of

The Reaction Table (photo courtesy of


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