Product Placement 4.5

By heba


Products are often greatly overlooked in their roles as part of our everyday lives. Rarely do we consider the amount of effort and inspiration, the type of materials used, and the processes and alterations, that it takes to get our favorite products into our hands, whether they be pencils, a bag of chips or our beloved smartphones. This is Product Placement is a blog that offers a series of presentations and aims to fight that notion that products are “just something there to be consumed,” by concentrating on goods, their creators, and the stories behind them. Founders Kimberly Oliver and Julie Taraska use their knowledge in media, journalism and design to work with emerging and established designers and retailers to raise awareness about their businesses. The latest group of presentations, Product Placement 4.5: Heart of Glass, will take place on Sunday, May 20. This installment will explore a range of innovative glass items and will feature talks by product and interior powerhouse, Harry Allen; architect and Bocci Creative Director, Omer Arbel; lighting designer extraordinaire, Bec Brittain; and Aruliden Principal and product provocateur, Johan Liden. The event takes place from 1-3pm at 269 11th Avenue (between 27th and 28th Streets) in New York, as part of ICFF’s Wanted Design. Heart of Glass is free and open to public, though trade guests can preregister here.

Here’s a look at some of the products that will be discussed:

Bocci’s 38 Series lights

Jonah Liden’s Fishscape Fishbowl for Gaia & Gino

Harry Allen’s Black Swan vase

Bec Brittain’s Maxhedron chandelier

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