Where o’ Where is this SAVA Chair?

By danielle


Can you spot where the SAVA is? If so, then you could win one of Stylex‘s award-winning chairs. As part of their new ad campaign created by the Brooklyn-based graphic design form Maiarelli Studio, Stylex is running a special SAVA give-a-way on Facebook. They have already unveiled the first two clues:

Clue #1: The ads were shot in a location on the West Coast

Clue #2: The architect behind the space is also a poet and a professor!

If you’ve figured it out, LIKE the Stylex page on Facebook, type in your answer and you’re entered to win (if you are correct!). If you’re still not so sure, check back each week this month fore more helpful hints! The winner will be drawn and revealed on Friday, June 1.

Clue #1Clue #2

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