The Young & the Talented at ICFF

By heba


Although we were excited to see our favorite name-brand designers, we were even more thrilled to see the newest crop of companies on display at the Javits and around the city. After checking out their innovative and ambitious designs, we know our future is in good hands. Here’s a look at some up-and-coming designers that caught our eye at ICFF and New York Design Week this year!

Edwin BlueIndustrial designer Clayton Vogel and architect Matthew Hufft are longtime friends and founders of Edwin Blue, a furniture company that focuses on beauty, functionality and quality. Though they are know for their outdoor furniture, they introduced a new indoor line at ICFF and went on to win a “Metropolis Likes” design award for the furniture collection.

Louis Lim: Louis Lim, former assistant to and good friend of Takeshi Miyakawa, introduced the Round & Round at WantedDesign‘s 12×12. The semicircle is both a bench and storage unit, made of reclaimed NYC wood. When one side of the bench is pushed in, a triangular drawer is revealed on the opposite and can be rotated around the entire circle.

Soft Structures: Students from Parsons, the New School for Design collaborated with Carnegie Fabrics, using their cradle-to-cradle certified textile, Xorel to create a “Temporary Space Studio.” For the culmination of a course led by Moorhead and Moorhead, students explored the role of textiles as dominant space-defining elements. As such, the installation is an overhead canopy composed of simply folded fabric pyramids – the ultimate soft structure. (A student who worked on the installation, Behnaz Babazadeh, is shown with the structure)

Bec Brittain + Fort StandardBec Brittain and Fort Standard debuted new furniture and lighting in a joint installation at the large industrial space of 22 Bond Street.  The two designers also collaborated on an exciting new project.

Once RemovedCurated by Jaime Kopke and Jordan Kushins, Once Removed invited nine designers – including Atelier Takagi, Brendan Ravenhill, Craighton Berman, Rachel Boxnboim, and Studio Swine – to create a new piece inspired by personal snapshots from the daily life of another designer in the group. The perspective swap helped the designers inform each others’ process from afar and created a collection united by a unique communal vision.

Noho NextNoho Next, Noho Design District’s third talent showcase featured designs by members of the American Design Club, including Jen Turner, Farrah Sit, Bryce Wymer, So Takahashi, Icaoli & McAllister, and others. The designers’ latest works were installed in storefront windows throughout Noho, amounting to a curated walking tour of the American design scene.

Focal Upright FurnitureThe Workstation Evolved: Footwear designer Martin Keen likes to work while standing and wanted to create a new seating and workstation concept. He decided to design the Locus seat, an adjustable, leaning chair that is easier on the back. Keen started the design with a tractor seat pitched forward with four legs and went on to create twenty-one prototypes. Locus guarantees a completely neutral posture between sitting and standing. It is designed to move with you and encourages small movements and active engagement, improving your health and your work. As Keen puts it, the Locus is, “a balance of triangulation.”

Volk FurnitureVolk Furniture introduced one of its new pieces at ICFF, the Walnut Dresser and Hutch. Every part of Volk’s handmade furniture, from the base to the drawer knobs, is made of reclaimed materials.

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