Baccarat’s Sparkling New Showroom Captures the Natural Beauty of Light

By heba


Baccarat has recently announced the opening of their first-ever lighting showroom in the Design & Decoration Building in New York City. The showroom features the most comprehensive selection of Baccarat lighting, carrying on the nearly 250 year-old company’s legendary status and staying to true to the brand’s unique position at the intersection of tradition and innovation. In addition to showcasing over 20 chandeliers, the space will be home to a custom-made rotating 48-light Solstice Com├Ęte, the largest if it’s kind in the world. It will also feature pieces created in collaboration with renowned designers such as Arik Levy, Philippe Starck, Eriko Horiki, and Mathias. The new showroom will serve as a point of reference for the A&D community, with lighting and decorative pieces for a wide selection of projects – from residential to commercial, classic to contemporary. Baccarat also has showrooms in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, and along with the launch of their new A&D website, Baccarat Studio Baccarat, has plans to open A&D showrooms in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mumbai as well.

Take a look at the photos of the showroom’s sleek concrete floors and white walls, which create a sophisticated gallery-like space that presents Baccarat’s dazzling collection as art and represents the brand’s “timeless modernity.” Photos credit of Keith Scott Morton.

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