TRACES, a Physical Memoire

By avery


FromĀ August 17th-19th TRACES, a mutlidisciplinary, immersive and theatrical art and design exhibition, comes to 32 Cremer Street in Hoxton. Part of the Shoreditch Fringe Festival, it is held in collaboration with Designersblock and organized by Donna Walker and Talulah Mason. The exhibition will glorify the past inhabitants of the old ‘Marquis of Landsdowne’ on 32 Cremer Street by showcasing their stories and secrets as would have existed in the 1870s. In preparing for this exhibition, TRACES set out to uncover the stories lodged in abandoned 32 Cremer Street. And after extensive research the product is an exhibition that showcases the inhabitants as they would have been in the 1870s. The team stopped at nothing to decode and translate the “fragile broken sentences” that were tied up in the objects left behind in this old building. TRACES seeks to give the very newest up and coming artists and designers a way to reach the public and for this year’s exciting immersive event over 60 artists, furniture and product designers and makers, theatre set designers, sound artists, food designers, smell designers, lighting designers, architects, illustrators, ceramiciists, jewelry makers , textile designers, and the media worked together to produce pieces inspired by the narrative of the place.

TRACES will enable the public to hear, smell, taste, touch, and see how the lives of the 1870s tenants were lived. The public will discover who the ‘unfortunate’ tenant is in the upstairs room and where all the items in the storage room came from- for themselves. While wandering through the space and unpicking the secrets, visitors can compare notes on their findings over drinks. Guests also will be interacting with commissioned ‘Contemporary Victorian’ pieces; and have the option to purchase some. A combination of theatre, history, scandal, intrigue, and the very latest in gorgeous and evocative design, TRACES is the most exciting way for journalists, design professionals, cultural and educational institutions, trend forecasters, and ‘cool’ hunters to discover new talent, and maybe bag themselves a beautiful and unique object. A physical memoir , TRACES at 32 Cremer Street is sure to be a great evening for all!

Photo Credits: Giovanna del Sarto


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