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Karlsson’s Gold promises to help even the most discerning individual rediscover vodka, and true to its promise—or rather, to take it to the next level—Karlsson’s launched UNFILTERED, a series of initiatives celebrating craft, heritage, and creative vision. Stemming from Karlsson’s very own approach to creating vodka that preserves the integrity and flavor of the potatoes used to make it, the project was born from the belief that the best ideas should be left unfiltered.

As part of the UNFILTERED series, Karlsson’s Gold has already paired up with Sight Unseen, an online magazine that takes readers on a journey to discover the processes behind design; and with the American Design Club, whose eighth  group exhibition showcasing designs that used materials or processes in their most natural, unfiltered state was presented as part of the UNFILTERED series.

Just this week, the third collaboration in the series was launched: a Bar Kit designed by internationally renowned design studio Rich Brilliant Willing. The family of objects in the set pertain to the ritual of drink making : a glass dome, two drinking glasses, a marble millstone, and an aluminum base with a wooden handle that also doubles as a muddler. The handle can be rotated to grind pepper for cocktails—think adding pepper to your roast potato for an added oomf of flavor and aroma—while the dome itself if perfectly sized to fit a bottle of Karlsson’s vodka.

We love the simplicity and elegance of the natural materials RWB used in creating the piece; the glass, stone, wood, and metal express perfectly the idea of unfiltered. But what we really love about the Bar Kit is that it celebrates (in however an indirect way) the artistry and process that goes into making a drink, which we so often ignore when ordering a glass of this or that at our favorite local bar. Every piece of this project is about quality and craftsmanship—from the unfiltered distillation process used to create Karlsson’s Gold Vodka to the precision required to make the glass dome fit snugly over the base and millstone, to adding just the right amount of pepper to spice up your drink.


The handmade, open edition set is made-to-order at Matter at 405 Broome Street New York City. And if you have an idea that needs some support to remain UNFILTERED, submit it here.

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