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You know something exciting is going to happen when you see Fab and Blu Dot mentioned in the same sentence! Two companies that put color at the forefront of their design philosophies—Fab and design darling Blu Dot are partnering to present a line of desks, tables, chairs, and lighting in Fab custom colors.

Now through September 29th, you can get seven Blu Dot designed furniture pieces in an exclusive Fab-selected palette that includes bright orange, black, gray, and crisp white at the Blu Dot Pop-Up Shop. Two words we always love to hear: stylish and affordable!

So you just moved in to an empty new apartment? We hope you’re not about to go to IKEA… Blu Dot was founded in Minneapolis in 1997 by three college friends who, while furnishing their first apartments, didn’t like the stuff they could afford and couldn’t afford the stuff they liked, so they aim to bring good design to as many people as possible (that means you! and your tiny apartment—a small space and budget is no excuse for aesthetically displeasing when you’ve got a deal like this sitting right under your nose).

We thought that you should also know that this collaboration is bringing to one of our personal favorites from Blu Dot: the Cant Desk, which has been packing a colorful and functional punch in our office for quite some time now, is available in orange and white. Its cantilevered silhouette sets the stage for hard work—or tweeting about the sweet desk you just bought! Other items featured in this sale are the Lily Pad Coffee Table, Perimeter Light, Real Good Chair, and the Strut Table series available in large, medium, or side-table sizes.

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