Artistic Traces of History

By heba


Traces, a secret London gallery event, redefines “art history”. The gallery gives new artists a way to reach the public, and in turn, gives the public a new way to experience art. Through theater, history, design, and sheer curiosity, Traces lets visitors discover talent for themselves. This year’s event, the Marquess of Lansdowne, took place on August 17th-19th and took “a neglected old building and brought it alive again with the smells, tastes, touches and sounds of days gone by.” The catch is, however, that visitors must first find the building before they can roam its halls – the location was kept a secret, aside from clues that were sent out to subscribers of the Traces mailing list.┬áThis year, an abandoned Victorian pub, formerly a 19th century brothel, was restored and used to showcase art and design pieces. In addition to these pieces, which featured ceramics, furnitures, and jewelry that served as props, the Traces team included sound artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and various other designers that helped bring the building’s past to the present. In case you, like us, missed out on what evidently was unique and fun event, Traces has sent along a few teaser pictures of the event and the featured works, below!

Images courtesy of Giovanna Del Sarto.

Armlet by Rebecca Onyett:

Botanique Plate by Gordon Robertson:

Perfect Circle Practice by Lil Adams:

Picture Frames by Jo Gibbs:

Untitled by Florence Clarke:

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