Discovering #Columbus with Tatzu Nishi

By kimberly


Tatzu Nishi‘s exhibit Discovering Columbus, sponsored by the Public Art Fund, has already been on the map for a month and keeps filling up every day. The artist has created a temporary living room around the statue of Christopher Columbus to give visitors the opportunity to see it from a different angle, as if it were an object of decoration on a coffee table. Known to bring a new light to iconic public monuments, Nishi decided to focus on the man who discovered America, hovering over Colubus Circle since 1892, for his first temporary exhibit in the United States. The feeling to hang out so close to such an icon of American History in a small living room setting is bizarre yet highly amusing. Make sure to check availabilities online to order your free ticket before the exhibit closes up on November 18th.


The living room is filled with details recalling American culture. The wallpaper, for instance, designed by Nishi for Trove reflects American Pop Culture with symbols such as Mickey Mouse, Hot Dogs and the Empire State Building, depicted on a fun pink background. Although the statue protrudes from the middle of the room, visitors feel right at home by relaxing on the couches, reading the paper or watching the news on a TV screen. It is a unique feeling to see such an iconic figure from a different angle, in a familiar setting. Some even feel so comfortable as to momentarily forget about the statue and enjoy a view they will only get to see once, sharing Columbus’ perspective.

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