Let’s Fix Sandy and Reclaim NYC

By danielle


We love New York(ers)! In tough times, they have a way of coming together for the greater good. Our facebook and twitter pages are exploding with newly formed organizations, founded by volunteers who are looking to help any way they know how to rebuild the city and aide in the post-hurricane relief efforts.

Lighting designer James Bedell has been using social media to gather a small group of design professionals including (but not limited to) interior designers, architects, kitchen designers, color specialists and furniture designers to offer their services to the victims of Sandy at discounted rates. The name of the project is called Fixing Sandy (#FixingSandy on twitter and @FixingSandy on Facebook). They’ll be pulling together volunteers, spreading the word to local communities and recruiting sponsorships.

In addition to Fixing Sandy, our friends Jennifer and Jean are trying to find a way to RECLAIM NYC. The two are working with the Parks Dept and calling upon designers to use debris and refuse materials from the storm to create pieces of furniture and art that will be auctioned from charity. It is there hope to transform fallen trees and storm-damaged building materials into objects that represent the city’s recovery. They’ve started a page on Facebook for those interested in participating.


These are just a few…the list of helping hands goes on and on.

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