#DesignRebels Unite!

By danielle


This post comes to you courtesy of our newest blogger, Jessica Rose Jardinel. Jessica is an architecture student and Chapter President of the AIAS at the New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan.

On the evening of November 12th, authors Michelle Taute and Noah Scalin of Another Limited Rebellion celebrated the launch of The Design Activist’s Handbook in the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe.  They sat together with fellow graphic activists Sheri L. Koeting of MSLK, Mark Randall of Worldstudio, and Daniel Schutzsmith of Mark & Phil, to explain how they make a difference and a living.

The five argue that society waits for monumental tragedy to pull us out of our apartments and take our power before we decide to stand up and use our skill for awareness. Since Sandy, spiraling discussion about sustainable design has been sweeping the streets of New York City. NYC is now alert, but these activists move to be proactive rather than reactive. They propose to address the concerns of people both today and ten years from now. An assertive designer paired with a persuasive design will bring a sustainable career and environment.

The Design Activist’s Handbook sold out quickly courtesy of HOW Books. Participants also received a free copy of HOW Magazine’s November issue.  All proceeds went to benefit the mission of Housing Works.


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