#BehanceReviews: Sharing Creative Works.

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Behance, the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work, just wrapped up its second edition of Behance Portfolio ReviewsOrganized by members of the online Behance community, the reviews went global—181 events in 56 different countries!—bringing together thousands of creative individuals to share their projects and get quality feedback in person.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Behance Reviews, here’s the breakdown of how it works: a 20-minute welcome and presentation; one hour when attendees break into groups to have their work reviewed by professionals and peers; and time to mix and mingle with people who are just as passionate about their creative field as you are!

We attended a review at Behance HQ in New York City a few weeks ago to get an inside look, meeting some awesome individuals from the local creative community—architects, videographers, fashion designers, graphic artists—and a few of the members of the Behance team whose mission is to empower the creative world to make ideas happen.

Zach McCullough of Behance chatting with a Review attendee at Behance HQ.

Fashion designer meets videographer-photographer.

A review in progress at a Brooklyn event. via// Behance Portfolio Review Flickr

Portfolio Review Week kickoff at Grind. via// Behance Portfolio Review Flickr

Appreciation stickers! via// Behance Portfolio Review Flickr

So what makes a strong portfolio? There’s no cookie-cutter formula—just like one person’s work is not exactly the same as anyone else’s—but we did take away a few important tips to share. Quality is more important than quantity; when compiling a portfolio, online or in print, it’s best to only pick what you feel are your best, most fully realized projects. Moreover, don’t shy away from showing your personal style; a portfolio should not just be a resume of commissioned works, but rather speak for what makes your work uniquely yours.

The last few weeks of 2012 are chock-full of holiday events (that we hope to see you at—they all come highly recommended!), but if you’re the type to look way ahead and are already starting to fill your 2013 calendar, consider attending or hosting an event during the next edition of Behance Portfolio Reviews in the spring!


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