Pura Vida! sLAB returns to Nosara, Costa Rica

By danielle


Post by Jessica Rose Jardinel

 The slogan of Costa Rica is “Pura Vida,” directly meaning “pure life” and an expression for no worries. On Monday night at Axor NYC, there were indeed no worries for the AIA New Practices NY winner Tobias Holler, filmmaker Ayana de Vos, and the NYIT student volunteers as their fundraising event became a celebration for their second successful campaign on Kickstarter.com! The team exceeded their $9,000 goal just a few hours before the event.

Often known as paradise, very few acknowledge the waste management issues in the small town of Nosara. Over the past year, the student-led and build (sLAB) Costa Rica team from the New York Institute of Technology has focused on constructing their design for Nosara’s Recycling and Education Center. The continuing efforts of this group have brought them to construct the foundation for the center. Since they left, the construction process has been moving quite slowly. Half of the funds from this campaign will help bring the students back to accelerate the construction process, and the other half will fund a film to address the waste management issues in Costa Rica.

At the event, the students found the perfect Hansgrohe collection to match their motto for when they return to Nosara in January 2013, PuraVida.

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