Introducing VDA Virtual Design

By danielle


We spent last Thursday evening at the Norwood Club toasting to celebrity designer Vanessa DeLeon and her talented team. Vanessa DeLeon Associates launched a new venture – which particularly appealed to our digital side.


After a year in the making, DeLeon is bringing her design services & solutions to the online marketplace. She’s gathered all the tools and put together a clear and concise digital package for creating customized interiors.  The interactive initiative, aptly named VDA Virtual Design, allows users to work with the design team and customize their space in six easy steps.

 To facilitate the process, DeLeon pulled from some of her most recent projects to create a series of lifestyle boards ranging from Mediterranean to modern.

Just as she would do in person, she asks the client to think: “Where would you live?”  The next step is a detailed questionnaire, which addresses everything from fabrics and finishes to budget and function. Photography and measurements of the space are required to complete the packet. After a thorough review, DeLeon and her team will provide the client with a virtual presentation board that includes furnishings, flooring, lighting fixtures, wall finishes, accessories and window treatments; a floor plan that shows the location of movable furniture and furnishings and a price worksheet with retail pricing and product links to the manufacturers websites for purchase.

Those in attendance were treated to a little sneak peek. Now that it is live, you can try it out and experience VDA Virtual Design!   

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