D-C Hits the Art Circuit: Lindsay Bardwil’s Wander Exhibit

By alexandra


Design-Calendar made its second visit to the Norwood Club this summer for artist Lindsay Bardwil’s “Wander” exhibit. Known to draw its membership from the international creative arts community, Norwood Club Owner Alan Linn calls the venue “A home for the curious.”  An apropos choice for the exhibit, Lindsay’s vibrant and thought-provoking work was certainly “at home” in the space.

During the event, guests were treated to drinks and hors d’oeuvres and encouraged to “Wander” the room to take in the collection, embarking on a unique visual journey. Lindsay remarks, “I aim to allow the viewer to get lost in the work–if only for a brief moment–so that it may serve as a bridge to wander freely. This movement, this freedom, this wander, it is an action I believe to be so important in the appreciation of life and self discovery.” Judging by the engaged and excited crowd that circulated the room to check out the paintings, Lindsay met her goal.

Lindsay uses a wide range of media including oil and acrylics on canvas or wood and a strong mix of various minerals and phosphorescents. To learn more visit www.lindsaybardwil.com

Photos courtesy of Darnell Scott, www.darnell-scott.com

Lindsay in front of her “Wander” painting

Taking a closer look at “Untitled Day of the Dead”

Alexandra Zwicky, Rose Couzens, Mary Couzens and Keri Shunk

Loli Laneova & Shane Anthony

Dominic Couzens, Steven Ganeless, Pippa Cohen

“Burano” by Lindsay Bardwil



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