James Turrell at the Guggenheim

By Lucy


The Rain Room, the Cronut, silent dinners…New York City is full of the latest trends. But how many of these actually deliver on the hype? If you’re looking for something that does, visit  James Turrell at the Guggenheim Museum.

Raised a Quaker who began his art exploration in ceramics, Turrell’s mesmerizing work is a triumph, and the way it capitalizes on the Guggenheim’s distinct architecture is also to be praised. Turrell uses the space to display both site-specific (the smaller Annex galleries) and site-customized (Aten Reign, a play on Turrell’s Skyspaces, in the Rotunda) art. Through manipulating the architecture of the space to merge with his art and showcase the presence of light, Aten Reign explodes with a sourceless luminosity that bypasses abstraction, challenging the viewers to question their own sensual perceptions. Turrell himself expressed a desire for his works to evoke “wordless thoughts.” This sublime experience gives nothing for your eyes to lean on, allowing you to escape into your mind and truly become lost in yourself and in the art.

James Turrell is open at the Guggenheim through 9/25. Catch it while you can! It’s worth the wait.

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