Evolutions in Light and Architecture with OVI & AS+GG

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We had a very educational morning last Tuesday at the Center for Architecture, attending the “Evolutions in Light and Architecture” seminar hosted by the Office for Visual Interaction with Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

As today’s iconic superstructures are getting taller and taller—some reaching well over 1,000 feet—architects are challenged to come up with more creative solutions in not only creating a lasting visual identity for these buildings, but also in designing them in such a way so that they can continuously evolve with and respond to the introduction of new technologies, shifting urban contexts, and post-occupancy situations.

Lighting technology has already come a long way, especially in terms of energy conservation. Today, the entire façade of the New York Times Building is illuminated with fewer watts per square foot than the top portion of the Empire State Building.

As building façades become more complex, new lighting technologies and solutions for their implementation become necessary. To accentuate the crystalline ridges on the façade of the Greenland Chengdu Tower, OVI worked with AS+GG to create lips along the ridges where LEDs could be hidden. In addition to aesthetic challenges, architects and architectural lighting designers have to take into consideration the maintenance and sustainability of these technologies. How will an LED bulb be replaced if it stops functioning, especially when it is hundreds of meters up in the air?

However, the lighting of a building is no afterthought. More and more, lighting designers like OVI are working with architects and engineers during the more preliminary stages of the design process. By testing various lighting scenarios, they can help determine the best form and positioning of building volumes to achieve optimum lighting and energy conservation goals.

Yongsan (AS+GG)

Yuhan Greenland Center (AS+GG)

Masdar Headquarters (AS+GG)

We’re excited to see what OVI and AS+GG come up with next!

*all photos courtesy of OVI and AS+GG Architecture


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