We’re Up All Night to Get Lucky…At Axor NYC

By danielle


Feeling lucky? Who says #13 has to be associated with bad luck? I for one, don’t think so! I’m getting ready to spend [my birthday night] with my D-C gals, the editors of New York Spaces, the amazing team at Axor NYC and a few hundred or so industry friends. Like any Axor NYC event, there will be delicious food and speciality drinks. This time, the creative liquid concoction uses Wodka (yum!) There will also be some fun give-a-ways including a chance to win a Hansgrohe Select Hand shower and Axor kitchen faucet.

I know I’m biased and all (being born on Friday, the 13th), but let’s all put away our superstitions tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you believe that a horse shoe brings good fortune or breaking a mirror means you are doomed for the next seven years; let’s just enjoy this good ole opportunity to party!


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