Drive Change Launches Snowday Food Truck at Situ Studio

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Last Thursday, Situ Studio revealed the much-anticipated Snowday food truck in their Navy Yard fabrication space—and Design-Calendar was there to celebrate the beginning of a very special social justice project!

Snowday was designed in collaboration with Drive Change, a social enterprise that is building and operating a fleet of food trucks to hire and empower formerly incarcerated youth by giving them hands-on work experience in New York City. The organization aims to broadens opportunities for young people coming out of adult prisons to help lead them to crime-free lives and bright futures.

At the event, attendees got to taste-test Snowday’s delicious menu: pancake poppers, maple grilled cheese, and other goodies that all feature NY state maple syrup—otherwise know as wintery goodness! And of course, the food truck, with its 3-dimensional lattice design that renews a former Con-Edison utility vehicle, was a favorite backdrop for a photo booth run by The IS Collective. The geometric cladding system on the truck façade serves both the aesthetic and functional needs of what will surely become the most popular food truck on the big city streets.

Snowday is in the process of securing its permit and passing inspection while looking for locations to operate—so feel free to send a note to the Drive Change team if you know of a private property that would be interested in hosting them! Snowday is scheduled to hit the streets this winter, and all sales from the truck recycle back into the organization to subsidize re-entry program costs.

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