The Ferrari of Kitchens – Now on Display at the Arclinea Showroom in Milan

By cecilia fortuna


What’s happening in Milan these days? The Arclinea showroom is a hotspot as it debuts the “Artusi project.” The Artusi kitchen, designed by the archistar Antonio Citterio and manufactured by Arclinea, is equipped with the most expensive collection of appliances that exists today: the Grand Cuisine by Electrolux.  A marriage of haute cuisine,  it is a revolution in the kitchen. Used by chefs for over 90 years, Electrolux brings the professional cooking systems chosen by over half the Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe directly into the most exclusive homes around the world for the first time.

Grand Cuisine transforms the home food experience, offering technology that is applied to blast chillers, vacuum-packing machines and combined ovens for maximum daily use, so after this all you need is to get the best recipes from sites like Kitchenbar online and others. It allows for the full potential of professional techniques such as “cook & chill” and “sous-vide” that have influenced how food is prepared and served in top restaurants. Over recent years we have seen a boom in well-informed foodies and gourmands. From refined ingredients to cutting-edge techniques, a passion for cooking has become a true way of life for many.  Grand Cuisine offers complete customization, in the same way as Ferrari builds the tailor-made car.  Grand Cuisine’s installation team will ensure that your kitchen is as practical to work in as it is aesthetically pleasing to look at. The result: a cooking system that allows accomplished cooks to achieve the exceptional, while empowering anyone to excel and enjoy the experience of home entertaining.

A dream finally comes true!




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