Milan Design Week: Where to #EatAndDrink !

By nico


Milan Design Week has officially started!
One of the most exciting events in the design industry, Milan is the place to be to discover new designers, learn about new products and network with the right people

In the next few days, you (like us) will probably be walking around the fair all day long, and when you are not at the fair, you’ll be running around the city to check out the coolest Fuorisalone events: we are sure you are going to get extremely hungry (we do!), and that’s why we made a list of our favorite restaurants and bars of Milan.


Located in the heart of the Tortona district, in via Savona 50, Al Fresco is the perfect place for a nice, quiet lunch. Set inside an old warehouse, renovated by landscape architect Emanuele Bortolotti, Al Fresco is much more than a restaurant. It is, as its owners call it, an “urban refuge”, a meeting place surrounded by cherry trees, wisteria and honeysuckle.

What to order: their maccheroni with fresh tomato sauce, basil and stracciatella cheese.



Head to Circle for a fancy dinner after walking all day at Fuorisalone. Located inside the Diesel building in the Tortona district, in via Stendhal 36, Circle is a lounge bar and restaurant where fashion and design meet good food. The vintage furniture was hand picked by the Diesel Creative Team and the chandelier over the bar is an installation of more than 8300 light bulbs, all of different dimensions.

What to order: try their tuna tartare!



Italians love their aperitivo: a drink and some small bites, right before dinner. So why don’t you embrace this lovely tradition and head to Terrazza Aperol and order an authentic Aperol Spritz (3 parts of Prosecco, 2 parts of Aperol and 1 splash of soda). Salute (cheers in italian) !


The view from this restaurant, inside the Museo Del Novento, can’t be beat: it overlooks Piazza del Duomo, the heart of Milan. The décor of restaurant pays homage to the Deco period, while the menu takes inspiration from the Milanese tradition giving it a new spin.

What to order: we are hearing that the brunch here is pretty good!


This charming trattoria opened more than 30 years ago but is still very popular. Make sure to make a reservation because most of the time it’s fully booked!
Located in the Brera district, it’s the perfect place if you want to have a casual dinner and eat earthy, wholesome food.

What to order: their Cotoletta, the traditional Milanese veal breaded cutlet.


Located in the Porta Venezia area, Nottingham Forest is one of the 50 best bars of the world. Owner Dario Comini is a respected bartender with years of experience, coming from a chemistry background: if you’re interested in innovative, exciting drinks, this is a place you want to visit.

What to order: difficult to say, there are too many good drinks to decide!



The story of this restaurant revolves around the number 13, but don’t be superstitious, only good things will happen if you come here. This Sicilian restaurant offers fine Italian seafood, delicious dessert and a vast selection of wine. And if you are lucky, the owner of the restaurant will entertain you by playing Italian classics at the piano. We promise that after coming here you will love the number 13!

What to order: Lobster Linguine with baby tomatoes and capers



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