A quicker cab ride during NYCxDESIGN—and every other day, too!

By guest


NYCxDESIGN kicked off  last Friday and your calendars are already chock-full of trade shows, cocktail parties, and gallery openings—all of which require you to magically get from downtown to uptown to crosstown, all within the same hour, and not look like you just ran a marathon. To manage this, you have two options: learn to teleport, or take a cab and hope for the best.

If you opt for the second option, there are two swank new apps that will make the process of paying for your rides a little less painful and a lot more quick; RideLinQ and Way2Ride are two new apps that let you automatically  pay for your yellow (or lime green!) ride right from your phone.

With RideLinQ, you just hop in, link your smartphone using the pairing code that appears on the TV screen in your cab, and when your ride is over, just get out and head to your event! The ride is automatically paid for and a receipt is emailed to you for your records. Way2Ride has a similar system, but to pair your phone, you just open the app and hold your phone up to the TV screen. An added perk: boasting the largest taxi network in NYC, you can use the app to find a vacant taxi.

So get in, get out, and get to where you’re really going!

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