NASZ Gives a Polish Spin to WantedDesign

By Lucy


Today’s post comes from guest blogger Marine!

Nasz, meaning “ours” in Polish, is an exhibition whose goal is to shed light on Polish design. Polish organization approached designers Tomek and Gosia Rygalik, partners of Studio Rygalik in Warsaw, to put together this project as curators. They partnered with renowned Polish designers, graphic designers, and illustrators, as well as talented design students and craftsmen to produce a collection of modern everyday life objects. Coat racks, chairs, tables, dish sets, toys and textiles: the designers succeeded in creating a cohesive collection of simple yet useful and playful products that undoubtedly could cross centuries.

The king of the show? A king indeed – King Lizard, an articulated toy composed of wooden pieces bounded together by leather. So smooth and flexible that you can put it on your shoulder and feel like a jungle adventurer!

Other wooden toys also made the show such as a ladybird composed of several wooden magnets that you can assemble and dissemble like a puzzle, leaving room for imagination. Some kids at the exhibition had such a great time playing with it that they almost ran away with it! No doubt you would have been tempted to do the same.

NASZ_design Studio Rygalik_fot Ernest Winczyk_3 NASZ Studio Rygalik design Antoni Bielawski fot_Ernest_Winczyk-0410 NASZ Studio Rygalik design Agata Hoffa fot_Ernest_Winczyk-0439

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