What We Saw at SightUnseen Offsite 2014

By kristin-g


SightUnseen Offsite is creating a lot of buzz in the design world, not only from those in the industry, but from design lovers as well. The event, which took place May 16th-May 20th, featured various young designers and their unique and interesting pieces. For 2014, SightUnseen Offsite utilized two floors of space in SoHo to showcase the designers work. The event had an array of exciting exhibitors including AMMA Studio, Brook&Lyn, Chorin and more.




Above: AMMA Studio which uses their unique style to recreate furniture through non traditional materials such as rock salt, sand, coffee, silica, and pink Himalayan salt. 


Above: kelly behun | STUDIO produces unique elements of interior design to create interesting and innovative spaces.


Above: Another designer that seems to be catching on the trend of utilizing materials in a futuristic sense, DAMM, showcased an arrangement of lighting fixtures made with marble, leather, and concrete.


Above: Chorin is one of the new design brands that showcased at SightUnseen. With designers of various backgrounds such as furniture, interior architecture and graphic design, the designers are able to incorporate different areas of design into their pieces. The designers play with visual perspective as seen above.


Above: Brook&Lyn is a Los-Angeles based husband and wife team of Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz. Jung displayed her paintings from the Woven Gradient Series. 


Above: The Principals, a design studio based in Brooklyn, presented two new pieces from the Dead Chair Table series and the Brancusi Studies.

This event was organized by the blog SightUnseenan online magazine featuring design, art, fashion, and photography.


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