Spin Ceramics US Opening

By yvonne


Last week, Spin Ceramics, a porcelain and stoneware company from Shanghai, successfully celebrated the opening of their flagship store in the SoHo district of New York City. Located on Crosby Street, the grand opening also marks their debut into the US.

Spin Ceramics_Jeremy Patlen Photography_IMG_1072
12 Faces vase set designed by Tong Wei.

The evening was a mixed crowd of professionals, artists and friends – all who came to support a growing company. The food was abundant – duck crepes, spring rolls and noodles served in delightful little black take out boxes – catered by Sonnier & Castle. To top it all off, there was not one, but TWO bars serving champagne and wine. Honestly, can you think of a better crowd pleaser?



Though the food and drinks were amazing, it was not the highlight of the evening. Spin’s charming collection caught everyone’s attention with its whimsical pieces, such as the 12 Faces vase set, Dim Sum paperweights, and Wutong Leaf dish. Spin Ceramics is designed in a studio in Shanghai, where 8 talented designers create unique pieces using traditional techniques such as throwing on a pottery wheel or hand molding clay. It is then produced in Jingdezhen, where the world’s finest Kaolin clay and porcelain stone are found to create flawless and durable porcelain, making it the Capital of Porcelain.

As delicate as the collection is, Spin Ceramics Managing Partner Clay Cunningham was not concerned about guests handling and accidentally breaking the products. Instead, he encouraged people to pick up and touch the pieces, so they can get a real sense of how detailed and -surprisingly- how durable the porcelain is.

Spin Ceramics_Jeremy Patlen Photography_IMG_0443
Dim Sum paperweights designed by Gary Wang.

Spin Ceramics_Jeremy Patlen Photography_IMG_0496
Wutong Leaf dish designed by Gary Wang

The US flagship store can also serve as an art piece on its own. Keeping with the aesthetic design of the original location in Shanghai, it has an open space with pieces laid out and lit up like an art gallery. The store also carries a piece of history -the bricks found near the entrance and back wall are original bricks that dates back to Ancient China.



Be sure to stop by Spin Ceramics flagship store!

13 Crosby Street
New York, NY 10013
T: (212) 226-6085

Facebook: SpinCeramicsUSA
Instagram: @SpinCeramicsUSA

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