Put a New Spin on Your Holiday Table

By jacqui


Let the entertaining begin! With holiday season upon us, it’s time to bring fresh decorating ideas to the table. Spin Ceramics’ collection of delightful pieces offers plenty of inspiration. The Chinese porcelain tabletop brand blends ancient techniques with the modern artistry of eight contemporary designers who are based in Spin’s Shanghai design studio.

The results are wonderful and often whimsical—captivating designs impeccably rendered by master artisans in the Jingdezhen region, which for many centuries has maintained its reputation as China’s “capital of porcelain.” Since the techniques of the craft date as far back as the 13th-14th-century Yuan Dynasty, you could say that all tea served in Spin Ceramics is steeped in history.

The brand recently opened its flagship store in SoHo and it just relaunched its online store to feature a wider selection of product: store.spinceramics.com. And newsflash: Spin Ceramics is offering free domestic shipping until December 15.

Feast your eyes after the jump: we’ve curated some recommendations for reinvigorating your table (or gift list) these holidays. Ranging from complete dish sets and salt and pepper shakers to candles and vases, these exquisite, enigmatic pieces will get the conversation going.


Above: Zisha Teapot for Twelve Tastes – This gorgeous, seasonal teapot is pictured with Zisha Grandpa Teacups. Designer: Gary Wang


Above: White Biscuit Moebius Strip Vase Set – Even without stems, the fluid lines of the sculptural Moebius draws the eye. Designer: Q.Q. Qiong


Above: Green White Penguin-Shaped Pitcher Set – How amazing is the form of this pitcher? Designer: Gary Wang


Above: Under-Glaze Red Plates – This dish set showcases the skill of Spin’s ceramic artisans, implementing traditional technique to perfectly execute the difficult under-glaze red finish.


Above: Assorted Green White Glaze Vases – The Green White glaze is one of China’s most distinctive achievements, featuring a green-white transparent color resulting from an iron-based glaze.


Above: Green White Squirrel’s Favorite Jars – These playful decorative jars feature nut tops and a smooth Green White finish. Designer: Emma Gao


Above: Zisha Grandpa Teapot – This robust, perfectly-formed teapot forms the centerpiece of the Grandpa Tea Set (cups pictured earlier above). Designer: Gary Wang


Above: Twelve Tastes Zisha Tea Cup Collection – In a rich array of autumnal hues, the Zisha tea sets are perfect for a relaxing after-dinner nightcap. These items are made of Zisha, the finest stoneware clay in the world, which is porous in nature and ideal for teapots, tea vessels, and vases. Designer: Gary Wang


Above: Lantern Show Candle Stand Set – These small-scale candles cast your space in an ethereal glow. Designer: Gary Wang


Above: Porcelain & Wood White Biscuit Salt & Pepper Shakers – This minimal salt and pepper shaker set uses chic wood accents to denote which is which. Designer: Gary Wang. On the right: Green White Egg Cup – This vessel is molded to fit the grasp of your hand. Designer: Tong Wei


Above: Zisha Sisters-Three Vase Set – With elegant lines in earthy colors, these gorgeous vases are simple yet statement-making. Designer: Na An

Spin Ceramics
13 Crosby St, SoHo, New York
(212) 226 6085





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