Dreaming 2074: A Futurist Foray In French Luxury

By jacqui


Last week, the French Embassy in New York hosted the US launch of Dreaming 2074, a digital book that harnesses science fiction storytelling to forecast the world in 2074 and the role that French luxury will play in that future society. The event was hosted by the Comité Colbert, an advocacy umbrella organization that represents 78 French luxury houses and 14 cultural institutions from Hermès to Maison du Chocolat.


For the book’s content, the heads of each of Comité Colbert’s constituent organizations participated in a workshop program called the Utopia Factory, wherein they brainstormed future scenarios in luxury, including new innovations and materials. In an interesting twist, the Comité Colbert engaged six science-fiction writers, plus a composer and a linguist to create narratives based on the concepts gleaned from these utopian visions. The result is a collection of short stories, music and a lexicon of new terms that muse on French luxury’s future and its implications for both makers and consumers. Download English and French versions at www.dreaming2074.com to add to your holiday reading, transport yourself to 2074 and vive la différence.




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