Go See The Situation At Storefront, It Ends Saturday

By Abbey Cahill


The unsuspecting viewer is the subject of a social experiment in perception, encapsulated by a strange vibrating, pink form. It’s porous and biological in structure, but the medium is rigidly composed of thousands of laser-cut metal pieces — inorganic. The experience is all-encompassing, distilling light, sound, and form into one controlled environment.


Situation NY is a sensory installation at the Storefront of Art and Architecture that explores context, perception, and the real and unreal. A collaboration between Jana Winderen (an artist with a background in mathematics, chemistry, and fish ecology) and Marc Fornes (architect and founder of THEVERYMANY studio), the “situation room” questions how we read our environment, especially in a world where digital and physical realms are becoming more and more inseparable.

Dying to see for yourself? Get to 97 Kenmare Street in Soho this weekend! The installation ends Saturday, December 20th.

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