TrendSpotting: Unexpected Use of Material at NY Now

By dania


So excited to be guest blogging for my dear friends at Design-CalendarWalking the aisles of the Javits Center for the winter edition of NY Now 2015, I was struck by how much unusual use of material I was seeing. That, coupled with a great range of interesting, amorphous shapes made for a real eye-catching show.

Some of my favorites in the Accent on Design section:

Love these charming vases and accessories by Elyse Graham, made from resin.


The process is fascinating, here’s a video:

Beyond Object’s desktop collection was hands down one of my favorites. This London-based design firm has the most elegant and interesting pieces for anyone who cares about all the small details (such as myself). A USB stick made from rose gold and a pencil sharpener made from a solid block of polished metal. Need I say more.


Martini and Wine Glasses made from wood. By David Rassmussen Design, a great little company out of Colorado.


Brooklyn-based design firm Souda always has something great going on. The Kawa series of dishes comes in a range of colors and finishes and such beautiful shapes.


The husband and wife team who founded Oropopo, take inspiration from Native American, classic Western and New Mexican culture to create their fabulous laser-cut leather pieces.


I love the new infuser by the Los Angeles company Sempli. The Incanter boasts the their unique trademark shape and spinning functionality.


Last but not least, a personal favorite – Michele Varian. I’ve been drooling over the Nymph Wallpaper online for a while so seeing in person was great.   From a distance it has an abstract, Rorschach quality, up close it’s elegant, feminine and romantic.


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