The New York Times Home & Garden Section Closes – A Great Loss for Design

By chris


Yesterday morning marked the last time that we will all have the pleasure of reading the NY Times Home & Garden section over breakfast.  It is a ritual that will be sorely missed. We counted on Currents to keep us in the know with Rima’s deals and Elaine’s meticulously fact-checked stories on the latest product introductions, store openings, special sales, designer collaborations, etc.  Tim and Rima’s Shopping With was always inspiring and fun – presenting new local design talent and their favorite shopping sources. Noel, Julie, Penelope and Steven and all of the other wonderful contributors over the years delved deep into a quirky and unexpected range of design content that took readers all over the world – reporting trends even before they launched in Milan to alternative living approaches in the far corners of civilization.  Where will we find this content in the new lay of the land is still unclear, but there is no doubt that the design community and NY design-lovers deserve and need some dedicated space in the new order of things. We have heard that the Home coverage will land in  Real Estate, FashionStyle and Food — all great overlapping content areas — but PLEASE, powers-that-be at the NY Times, find a permanent home for some of our favorite go-to sources for information on new innovations and happenings in the design world. It means a lot to the global design industry and to the local New York consumers that came to the section for inspiration and help creating and maintaining their dream homes even if those homes were one-room walk-ups in the outer boroughs.


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