Exciting Products from the Architectural Digest Home Design Show’s MADE Exhibit

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Design industry enthusiasts, and professionals gathered at Pier 92 & 94 from March 19-22 to celebrate beautiful, high-quality furniture, and home accessories at the 14th annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show. Among the multitude of inspirational design displays and programs was the MADE exhibit – a section of the show specifically dedicated to the celebration of custom pieces and one-of-a-kind objects. In a relaxed, gallery-style setting, attendees perused the offerings of a talented group 159 of designers. In case you missed the show, we’re giving you a sampling of some of the many exciting brands featured at ADHDS: MADE. Warning: this may inspire some serious design lust.

100xbtr: This small, but highly creative team self-produces furniture, lighting, and home goods. With a strong emphasis on current, efficient production techniques including CNC machines, and 3D printers, 100xbtr fabricates impactful pieces. More classic techniques, like glass blowing and bronze casting, are also integrated, creating variety within this modern, beautiful collection, with a recognizable cohesion via the curvilinear forms. Among 100xbtr’s unique, eye-catching pieces is the Beacon light (image below), featuring a hand blown glass shade, and a turned ash base. www.100xbetter.com


AVO: AVO’s unique anthropological approach to design is truly memorable. Designer Brit Kleinman travels the world for ideas, focusing on the way that furniture design reflects culture. AVO’s collection features rugs (see wall-hanging in image) made of full or half cow hides, and handpainted with bold geometric patterns; the interesting, unusual combination of  the traditional material and a contemporary design, creates an appealing, and aesthetically beautiful, contrast. Adding to the individuality of these handpainted rugs, each is particular with slight variations in the outline, and markings. Look out for AVO’s exciting designs again at next year’s MADE exhibit. www.avoavo.com


DAMM: Husband and wife duo Robert and Brenda Zurn are the genius behind DAMM’s contemporary lighting, handmade from elemental materials. With a careful focus on innovation, and decoration, these sculptural light fixtures – customizable, and made-to-order – add an intriguing facet to residential and commercial spaces. Each piece tells a unique story; Artemis (shown on wall) is inspired by Greek mythology, featuring an archery-theme via a brass arrow form with feathers that are customizable in color. Available in a cluster of three, or in custom configurations, this light fixture – like the rest of DAMM’s pieces – engages the viewer. www.damm-design.com


MADEbyWOOD: These MADEbyWOOD Indi-Pendant lamps consist of light-weight concrete, colored with a specially made pigment and finished with a variety of bronze finishings. The modularity of the form, as well as the imperfect details of the concrete material, are the primary focus of the design. Designer Paul Wood cites downtown Manhattan’s architecture as a source of inspiration for the industrial, contemporary style that his work embodies; Paul’s studio is in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a setting that both stimulates creativity, and lends itself to design, as the designer often incorporates found objects from the Navy Yard’s old buildings in his work. www.madebywood.com


Noble Goods: Noble Goods products are characterized by the combination of two materials, solid American hardwood, and bio-derived epoxy resin, in original and technically innovative ways. Noble Goods designers Molly FitzSimons, a stylist, and Christopher Moore, a sculptor make a well-rounded creative team, and began the business in their Brooklyn home. Apart from using the most environmentally-friendly resin possible, and sustainable and reclaimed woods, the company also donates a portion of its annual profit to the charity Habitat for Humanity. A great representation of Noble Goods’ unique aesthetic, the Drip/Fold side table (shown below to left of designer), is a one-of-a-kind bent ash plywood piece, hand-dripped with liquid resin to create the abstract paint-look pattern. If you missed the show, you can see Noble Goods’ exciting products at this year’s BKLYN Designs in Greenpoint in May. www.noblegoods.com

Noble Goods

RAUNJIBA: Brooklyn-based artist Scott B. Tucker merges his love for sculpture and design in  this skillfully crafted furniture line. Combining a high-quality of technical design, with remarkable comfort, RAUNJIBA furniture is contemporary, eco-friendly, and durable, making it practical for both interior and exterior spaces. The Tabaroa beach lounger, pictured below, is a sleek, utilitarian new addition to the collection. If you love these exciting RAUNJIBA designs, the brand will also be exhibiting at BKLYN Designs.


Spin Ceramics: Originated in China, Spin Ceramics brought its ultra-modern interpretation of traditional Chinese design to NYC in 2014. Featuring beautiful, whimsical designs, Spin Ceramics’ handmade porcelain and stoneware is crafted by an innovative team of designers who’ve adopted techniques from Jingdezhen – China’s porcelain epicenter. These lively yet minimalist ceramics are created in multiple glazes that bring another unique design element to the table: Celadon White (characterized by a green tint from trace elements of iron-oxide and a glossy final look), China Blue (black when used alone, but blue when used with Celadon White glaze), Underglaze Red (copper oxide glaze applied underneath the Celadon White glaze giving red hue), and Imperial Red (contains copper oxide pigment as its color base and can improve flowing effect). www.spinceramics.com


The Citizenry: Named for the collectivity of creative individuals that make up this company, The Citizenry’s mission is to design for interiors that reflect the personal journey of the inhabitant. With direct artisan partnerships, forged through extensive world travel, the company offers handmade, culturally diverse products of the finest materials, imbued with its own modern aesthetic. Among its wide range of beautiful, authentic furnishings, are hand-dyed woven rugs from Peru including Cielo Azul Rug – Indigo, Estrellas Rug, Cielo Azul Rug – Sky Blue (shown below, from left to right) created by the Lurin Artisan Cooperative, a small group of Peruvians consisting of a woodworker to build the loom, foragers of natural dyes, and master weavers. www.the-citizenry.com

The Citizenry

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