Brain Food

By samantha


Funky, fresh, and flavorful, the opening of the Museum of Food and Drink’s first exhibit, “Flavor: Making It & Faking It,” is upon us. Commencing on October 28thth, the exhibit will feature five months of sweet and salty food insight. Utilizing a smell machine, along with an array of other interactive components, the exhibit seeks to portray the complex nature of flavor; specifically its separation from food through the birth of the artificial flavor industry. Envisioned by MOFAD’s founder, Dave Arnold, Flavor: Making It & Faking It adds a dash of fun to the culturally significant dialogue currently surrounding consumption.


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Location: MOFAD Lab, 62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY

Dates: October 28th, 2015-February 28th, 2016


Wednesday: 12-8

Thursday: 12-6

Friday: 12-8

Saturday: 12-8

Sunday: 10-6


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