India’s Architecture: An Exhibition & Discussion with Steve McCurry

By samantha


A celebration of life, passion, and culture, Steve McCurry’s photographic construction of India’s past thirty years is set to open on November 18th at the Rubin Museum. In its first museum presentation, McCurry’s work aims to capture the spirit of India and the minds of museum guests. Co-organized by the International Center of Photography, the exhibition will begin with a discussion led by Steve McCurry, and National Geographic President and CEO, Gary Knell. The dynamic cultural influencers will provide a retrospective on the impacts that have resulted from McCurry’s work.

Unexpected moments of spiritual life, ordinary people, the Indian railroad, and India’s monsoon season are just a few of the journeys that will don the museum’s walls. Complimented by appropriately styled Himalayan Art, and curated by Lia Zaaloff and Christopher Phillips, McCurry’s journey is one to see.

Be a part of the conversation on November 18th at the Rubin Museum. Tickets from $22-25.

…Or take a stop by from November 18th until April 4th, 2016.

Photography provided by the Rubin Museum.

Image provided by the Rubin Museum.

Time: 7-8:30PM


Rubin Museum

150 W 17th St

NY, NY 10011

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