DIEM: Talks Design Symposium

By samantha


4 Cheers for 4 years: West Hollywood Design District’s popular DIEM: Talks Design symposium is back! An annual design destination, this year’s event aims to capture the attention of design leaders through panels, interactive discussions, and keynote presentations that seek to illuminate the future of the design community in West Hollywood.

Led by the event’s curators, Mallery Roberts Morgan and Frances Anderton, the symposium’s theme, ‘Future Is Now,’ will be explored in depth through six original programs.

All fields of design will be touched upon, offering perspective on the decorative arts, fashion, architecture, and the fine arts. Sessions include a panel titled, ‘Is LA Losing Its Cool As It Becomes Cool,’ which will provide thoughts on LA’s unique design culture and the effect of outside influences. Changing tastes will then be considered in ‘Taste in Flux: What is Luxury to the Country’s Biggest Demographic,’ by panelists Katherine Ross, Christian Lemieux, and Eric Vecchione.

Dog Day Afternoon’ will continue the discussion amongst attendees and panelists relating to the design, canines, and how they act as influential pairing. ‘Forever Glam’ looks to incorporate fashion, design, and aging into the day’s sessions, along with ‘Tales of The City,’ featuring panelists Rick Corsini, Kathleen Sullivan, Timme, and Barbara Bestor.

Why Art’ will help draw the day to a close, followed by the symposium’s Closing Night Party.

Image provided by the West Hollywood Design District.

Image provided by the West Hollywood Design District.

Learn from the best at this year’s DIEM: Talks Design, ‘Future Is Now!’

Date: Friday, November 13th, 2015

Time: 10AM-6PM

Location: West Hollywood Design District showrooms located at the intersections of Melrose Avenue, Robertson Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard

Website: http://westhollywooddesigndistrict.com/events/diem_2015-2/

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