Tech Meets Decor: CES 2018 Favorites

By Nancy Carmona


With just one day of the consumer electronics trade show CES left, we have been busy experiencing all of the this year’s newest technologies!  This year’s CES includes over 4000 exhibitors marketing products and services from 37 different categories ranging from hardware and software systems, to communication, lifestyle, and entertainment technologies, to our favorite the latest and sleekest in smart home appliances.  CES featured exhibits this year also include Smart Cities, Sports Zone, and the appropriately named Eureka Park, where startups market their innovative services and products to big names in the industry.  

We have also enjoyed the informative  CES conferences, which after receiving criticism for only including male keynote speakers, added several women to the panel including CEO of A+E Networks Nancy Dubuc, Vice Chairman of MediaLink Wendy Harris Millard, and founder & CEO of 605, Kristin Dolan.  As the major convention for the latest evolutions in the world of technology and consumer electronics we are excited to see the inclusion of women leaders in the industry.

Still, we know you are curious about some of the new technologies for the home, and we’ve got you covered! 

Lighting & Decor

deconnect                       lamp

Gloo by Deconnect – Gloo looks like a modern lava lamp, except its color and brightness can be adjusted from an app, it has the ability to deliver 8 full smartphone charges, and it can take and upload photos with its 360 camera controlled completely from your phone.  Coming in different sizes and styles, Gloo is a multifunctional piece that can be transformed to fit any setting.



toilet                         tub

Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension and Neorest NX by Toto–  For your bathroom, Japanese company Toto has two luxurious new products.  The Neorest NX is the crème de la crème of toilets, complete with heated seats, automatic subdued lighting, clean washing technology, and self cleaning and deodorizing capabilities so you never have to worry about touching your toilet again.   The Flotation Tub by Toto keeps you suspended in the Zero Dimension position, freeing you from the strains gravity can create on your joints and granting you full relaxation alongside the tub’s water jets targeted at massaging your muscles. 



sleepace         Nox-Smart-Sleep-Light-From-Sleepace-02

Smart Bedding by Sleepace– In the bedroom, sleep is at the forefront of our minds and smartbeds are big at CES this year.  We love Sleepace’s Smart Bedding which monitors your heart rate and movement throughout the night to give you a sleep score and give you proper solutions to improve your quality of rest. Lights and sound also adjust themselves to give you a natural and soothing wake up every morning.


Backyard & Patio

maxresdefault copy     shadeCraft

SUNFLOWER by ShadeCraft – SUNFLOWER is perfect for any day or night spent outdoors.  Equipped with sensors, SUNFLOWER tracks the sun’s movement to provide perfect shade while simultaneously recharging using solar energy.  There are also lights, speakers, and a camera which can be controlled from your smartphone and used to chat with friends or as an extra security camera.  Also functioning as a hotspot, the SUNFLOWER ensures you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite technologies outside.

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