Let’s Make a DIFFArence!

By Katie Suh


Table by M Moser at DIFFA's 20th annual Dining By Design. Courtesy of Marion Curtis.

Table by M Moser at DIFFA’s 20th annual Dining By Design. Courtesy of Marion Curtis.

Today is the first day of December, and it is World AIDS Day. In the spirit of giving during this holiday season, we would like to share a note from our friends at DIFFA (Design Industries Fighting AIDS), about this cause that needs continued support:

On this 30th annual World AIDS Day, DIFFA commemorates the 500,000 people in the United States whose lives have been tragically cut short by HIV-related causes and celebrate the progress in new diagnostic methods and antiretroviral medicine that are saving lives. There are more than 1.1 million people living with HIV in the United States today and nearly 40,000 people were diagnosed with HIV in the United States in 2016. These staggering statistics are representative of REAL PEOPLE who are impacted within our communities and highlights the urgent need to join hands to end HIV/AIDS and stop new diagnoses.

The fight to end HIV/AIDS requires global collaboration and a multi-pronged approach that includes unbiased access to treatment and targeted education and prevention methods to communities most at-risk. More than 22 million people living with HIV worldwide are without treatment. Increased cross-sector partnerships are needed to support widespread treatment to prevent illnesses, death and avert new infections.

DIFFA is in full support of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 strategy to end AIDS by 2020. UNAIDS 90-90-90 relies on global solidarity to ensure that at least 90% of people know their status, receive adequate treatment, and achieve viral suppression. With less than 2 years to actualize this goal, DIFFA grantees are working daily to ensure treatment, education and direct services are offered to key groups who need it most. Our grant making efforts supports dozens of organizations nationwide and guarantees they have the funds and resources needed to continue their work.

Grantees like Boom!Health, GMHC and North Idaho AIDS Coalition provide educational outreach; Callen-Lorde, Hetrick-Martin Institute and AID Atlanta offer prevention and PrEP methods to at-risk population; and Housing Works, SAGE, and Planned Parenthood provides case management and testing services. Collectively, DIFFA grantees address the critical needs of the UNAIDS strategy to end AIDS by 2020.

This World AIDS Day, join us in pledging your support; help us meet our goal to end AIDS. Get tested, get treated and contribute to the efforts of so many others to fight HIV/AIDS across the nation. Visit www.diffa.org/donate to make a difference.

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