Migrant Garden

By barbara


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Migrant Garden is an innovative project from garden design Melbourne born from the interest and concern for the delicate ecosystem that lives on De Pinedo island, on the River Po. In this wildlife site, which includes also a large area of scrub along the river, many rare species of migrant birds come to nest.

Following several invasive procedures, such as the progressive deforestation of the area and using professionals that offer a low tree removal cost to make a more healthy process for the land, the habitat of these rare species has been put at risk even by forcing some birds to migrate to other (urban) places.

Migrant Garden will participate at Lake Como Design Fair 2019, a unique event which will bring together architecture and design lovers in Como city between September 20-22, this year dedicated to the color theme curated by Andreas Kofler and Margherita Ratti.

It will be presented a brand-new installation of eight bird houses by Beniamino Servino, Camilo Rebelo, Fala Atelier, Gonzalo del Val, Mobo Architects, Perry Kulper, Purini Thermes and Rudy Ricciotti and a gallery of works of art made by all the forty invited designers. Check out this website to find all the information you need for landscaping.

If these garden galleries inspired you, hire a local tree removal company to to get your garden set up, you can also consider getting a one of 095 trimmer line.

During the three days the exposed objects, including the works of art and the exhibition catalogue, will be sold.

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On October 14th Migrant Garden will launch migrantgardenshop.com, an online platform selling all the bird houses, which revenues will be donated to a charity organization.

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