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Creating the BEST Work From Home Experience 💻

By Matthew


As more and more people are working from home, we wanted to share some tips about how to design the best work-from-home experience — from creating a healthy and productive workstation to perfecting an outdoor oasis to recharge.

Research from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) shows that strategies like incorporating different ways of working (sitting vs standing, solo vs collaborative), integrating biophilic and natural elements, and encouraging movement throughout the day lead to a more productive and satisfying work experience, in addition to supporting mental and physical wellbeing.

We have solutions from Humanscale, Stylex, HBF, Room & Board Business InteriorsSpacestor and Poltrona Frau to make the home office more efficient and reinforce the benefits of getting outside. Check out more images HERE.


Room & Board’s Crescent Collection


Poltrona Frau’s
Zhuang Desk Accessories

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#DesignStandsTogether: Novità Launches Social Campaign to Support Italy, Raise Awareness and Inspire Solidarity

By Matthew


In light of the devastating global effects due to the quickly spreading novel Coronavirus, Novità PR has decided to launch an ongoing social media campaign #DesignStandsTogether and #OneWithItaly in order to bolster spirits in this pivotal global moment. With the entire country of Italy on lockdown and many countries not far behind, much of business and life as usual has been seriously disrupted, yet the design community will not be brought to a halt. As a company that was founded in the support of Italian made products, Novità has found it very difficult to see so many of its friends and colleagues under such duress, and while everyone is suffering in these uncertain times, Novità thinks it is important to leverage social media to raise awareness and cheer the design industry – while showing their solidarity and hopes for a quick return to normalcy in our business and personal lives.


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Preview of the Hundreds of Brands Set to Display Their Products at the Architectural Digest Design Show 2020!

By Matthew


This year’s 19th annual Architectural Digest Design Show is taking place at Pier 94 in New York City from March 19 to March 22. Over 400 brands and today’s top talent are coming together to present innovative and inspiring designs. Thousands of products are offered to shop and source including furniture, accessories, lighting, art, kitchen, bath and more! Featured areas of the show will include: 


REFRESH, collections of kitchen, bath, luxury appliances and building products

FURNISH, collections of furniture, lighting, carpets, decorative accessories, etc.

MADE, collections of limited-edition or one-of-a-kid pieces

SHOPS, collection of gifts, decor and more for immediate purchase

And AD PENTHOUSE, which in honor of 100 years of AD, will showcase “the past, present, and the future of great design.” 


Here is a sneak peak of a few artists/engineers/innovators/brands that will be exhibiting this year. Look at more architectural designs and even hire an expert at Design Show (

Abby Modell (Booth 113) is a glass artist who focuses on transparencies and refracted light. She incorporates various techniques including mirroring of glass, hand application, fire polishing of glass and more. She has previously had her work exhibited at multiple fine art fairs and galleries and introduces her new “Galaxy Collection” this year at the AD Design Show. She showcases her designs and skills on her Instagram and works with custom designs as well in wall installations and sculptures.


Jamie Harris (Booth M321) is another glass artist in designer who lives in New York City. He works in sculpture design, custom lighting, has a studio line and more. All of his works can be found on his website and progress updates on his Instagram. Each design is unique as he adds a sense of color and a fluid organic form to his works. His main focus is color, vibrant color, along with how each material absorbs the color hues he is working with.


Simon Johns (Booth M209) creates limited-edition pieces of sculptural furniture and lighting from his home in Southern Quebec, Canada. His work is the end result of his perspective of the natural world, with underlying hopes of an evocation of emotion in the viewer. His Instagram bio labels himself as a “designer of furniture and furniture-like things.” Each piece has its own story explained on his website, and takes on its own personality because of it. Simon Johns’ ultimate goal is to develop a connection with the consumer who purchases his products.


Fisher & Paykel (Booth 189) has been designing products since 1934, and has sold products in more than 50 countries worldwide. They began in New Zealand with Maurice Paykel and Woolf Fisher and they haven’t stopped since. Their brand consists of five design categories which include: Professional, Integrated, Contemporary, Minimal and Classic. New introductions include the 48” Dual Fuel Professional Range and the 24” Integrated Wine Column. These advancements will soon be available to the public, so be on the lookout for any announcements on their website or social media accounts!


Likeminded Objects (Booth M202) is the creative studio of artist/interior designer Elise McMahon. This creative studio has collections of LMO Furniture, Lighting and Objects, all available for purchase. For more information, check out their website! Elise and her art has been mentioned in big brands including bon appetit, The New York Times and more. Alongside her affinity with creating objects and artworks to sell, McMahon also has Like-Minded Projects which are collaborative events and exhibitions that urge for inclusivity in local communities. To follow Elise’s journey or to just admire her artistic progress, be sure to check out her Instagram!


Global Lighting (Booth 114) is a provider of internationally sourced decorative and architectural light fixtures. Global Lighting partners with big-name brands, such as Philips, and uses advanced technologies from companies like Lutron. They are a New York based company who has a long history as a purveyor and manufacturer of lighting sources from top global designers. They advocate for New Localism on their website and post frequent updates on their latest advancements, influences, and product placements on their Instagram! They feature three updated collections online including Hind Rabii, Stratos and Ethos.


True Residential (Booth 268) is a division of True Manufacturing Company. They specialize in refrigeration for the home and this series includes wine cabinets, refrigerators, beverage centers, refrigerator drawers, freezers, beer dispensers and clear ice machines. As a company, they pledge to reduce their carbon footprint in order to minimize their environmental aspect. Read the True story on their website!


Zal Divecha (Booth M821) is an artist based in San Francisco who works with paper. She folds, pleats and rolls the material in order to create patterns of light and shadow. She explains on her website that she typically attempts to balance geometric and organic elements in a work and in the past few years she has decided to limit her work to an all-white color palette. Divecha explains, “I aim to create work that makes people feel centered, quiet, and focused. I want my work to feel like a respite from an overstimulating world.”


ETAMORPH (M620) is a design and fabrication company, based in New York City with a manufacturing network in Italy and the United States. On their website they back up their connection with Italy in saying that “Italy is the cradle of craftsmanship.” ETAMORPH works to offer a manufacturing service based on possibility and flexibility. They feature their coffee and dining tables as well as T Shelving and a custom design project with Murray’s Chelsea. Be sure to follow their progress on their Instagram where they post pictures of the quarries in Italy alongside product updates!


Basalte (Booth 218), a Belgian technology specializes in design products for the intelligent home. Basalte’s goal is to keep technological control in the home simple, intuitive and elegant. Coinciding with this goal, Basalte has developed the Sentido and Deseo keypads for home automation. Sentido is a reinvention of the light switch, while Deseo controls HVAC systems in the home. Both keypads come in a variety of finishes and collections, with the idea of fitting in to any style of home. Check out other concept developments and technologies on their website!


Be sure to check out all of these brands during the ADD event, or any of the other 350+ brands! Don’t be too overwhelmed by the number of companies, booths, events, etc. Head over to the Architectural Digest website and keep up with them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with all of the brands exhibiting. Most importantly enjoy your time at the event and post lots of photos tagging the exhibitors, AD Design Show, and using the hashtag #ADDesignShow!

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