Don’t Miss Out on the Very First Outcome of Design Conference!

By Katie Suh


ASID has partnered with Herman Miller and NeoCon to bring to you the very first Outcome of Design Conference, to complement the Society’s new Outcome of Design Awards. The Outcome of Design Awards is a new initiative that aims to identify and applaud projects that go beyond just the aspect of design and aesthetics, but extend into how the outcome impacts the lives of its occupants through data-driven results.

The Conference will be held at theMart in Chicago on March 21-22, 2019. Over the course of two days, the Conference will offer curated programming, resources, and networking opportunities to help those in the field take on a new lens and to be able to see the profession and realize how it impacts the human experience.

Randy Fiser, CEO of ASID comments, “Projects that measure the outcome of design on the human experience through sustainable, humancentric, and socially responsible design solutions represent the core values of our profession. We’re thrilled to celebrate the designers and clients that exemplify this philosophy and explore a range of programming that helps spread the word. We’re confident that the Outcome of Design Conference will become a key event for designers everywhere looking to make a difference and an impact with their work.”

Doreen Lorenzo, M.A., assistant dean of the School of Design and Creative Technologies will offer the keynote, “Preparing Future Generations to Influence Corporate Culture”. Then the Conference will dive into sessions about technology, professional practice, and design education. And finally the finalists for the Outcome of Design Award will be announced. The award-winning projects, which have been carefully chosen based on the criteria of detail to design, occupant experience, and measurable evidence on research-based outcomes, will each be closely discussed to examine their individual successes and the unique processes that led to each success.

The speakers for the Conference include:

Doreen Lorenzo is a successful leader in the field. Not only is she the clinical professor of Design and Future and the director of the Center for Integrated Design at the University of Texas-Austin, but she is also constantly active in the field as she is the co-founder of mobile video company Vidlet, a board member and advisor to several startups, and even a columnist for Fast Company and Medium. Lorenzo has also advised many Fortune 100 companies for decades on design and innovation ideas. And she is well-recognized for her particular leadership style which she often speaks publicly about: the power of empathy to drive business. Speaking through her own experience, she motivates people to understand the power of oftentimes overlooked skills and she motivates people as a successful leader in a mostly male-dominated industry.

Kate Lister is the president of Global Workplace Analytics, a firm that helps businesses, organizations, and communities measure and communicate the business case for workplace change. Lister is a highly-sought after speaker and has co-authored  three business books, contributed two chapters to two others, and written a number of articles for major media outlets. Her firm’s research has also been cited in hundreds of noteworthy publications including the Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

Sandra Leigh Lester is the founder and CEO of Affecting Change. She is also is a visionary and award-winning consultant who speaks about high-performance building design. For decades, Lester studied how building and investing in better buildings helps organizations in the long run to achieve more profit and better operations. Today, she leads lectors on her findings and inspires businesses to take on these initiatives.

Fred Marks is currently a visiting scholar and research collaborator at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California. He is also the President of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture. In the past, he worked as a legislative assistant to the U.S. House of Representatives Environment Committee under Congressman Morris K. Udall. He holds degrees in architecture and business administration with a major in real estate and urban and economics, and has been a licensed architect for over 25 years and has speciality in planning and designing healthcare and laboratory facilities.

Avinash Rajagopal is the editor-in-chief of Metropolis magazine. As an expert on product and interior design in the new digital age, he frequently speaks at major industry events. He is the author of Hacking Design and has contributed to many volumes on architecture and design including Adhocracy, Making Africa, and Atlas of Furniture Design. Rajagopal also gives lectures on the history of design and writing at many institutions like the School of Visual Arts, New York, the University of Texas-Austin, and the National Institute of Design, India.

Joseph White is the Director of Workplace Strategy, Design, and Management at Herman Miller. He has certifications in NCIDQ, IDEX California, and LEED, and has worked as a certified interior designer in New York City and San Francisco. White has worked with a large range of clients on planning strategies for the future of work.

Byron Morton is the Vice President of Leasing and is responsible for the NeoCon and Casual Market showrooms at theMart. He works closely with marketing teams and furnishings industries. He brings with him expertise in many fields as he has a diverse portfolio including sales, product development, product management, marketing communications, trade show management, and sales training.

Randy Fiser is the CEO of the American Society of Interior Designers. In his role, he oversees the Society’s strategic planning, financial management, and national operations for the organization’s more than 26,000 members. He leads the network of 46 ASID chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 4.08.30 PM

Enjoy a Beary Special Valentine!

By Katie Suh


Today is Valentine’s Day, so we would like to give a V-Day shoutout to our favorite design eye candy: the Vandal Gummy Bear, an extraordinary 14-foot gummy bear sculpture designed by design-build firm D. Flatt and street prodigy WhIsBe. Go big and bold this Valentine’s day with this over-the-top sculpture that is sure to satisfy your sugar cravings for the entire month of February. D.Flatt and WhIsBe partnered on an exquisitely unique art installation for the “I-Robot” themed Burning Man Festival that occurred last August. WhIsBe is known for his experimental and contemporary art pieces that spark deliberative dialogue and provide a sense of refined socio-awareness. His Vandal Gummy sculptures are one of his more notorious creations that evokes a certain juxtaposition between an innocent candy staple and an image of a prisoner that forces the viewer to question the very institutions that surround them. D.Flatt believed that this was a message that deserved to be blown up into a massive and expressionary piece of artwork.

D.Flatt’s knowledge and experience in retail, custom exhibits, trade show productions and displays, along with their 10,000 sq ft. workshop, made them the perfect and only collaborator who could transform WhIsBe’s vision into a reality. As a team, they were able to produce a 14-foot, larger-than-life Vandal Gummy sculpture that was flown across the country from New York to Nevada to be constructed into the free standing art installation that it came to be. D.Flatt knew that it had to be manufactured in a more efficient manner that would allow the artwork to be lighter. Thus, they engineered the bear with less exterior plywood and other heavy-weight materials making the Burning Man endeavor achievable. Ask your loved one, “Wood you be my Valentine?” And together, watch the entire journey of the specialty Vandal Gummy documented in a visionary video, Vandal Gummy + Burning Man as you and your loved one enjoy a beary special Valentine.


Embrace the New at IMM Cologne

By danielle


As the new year begins, many of us find ourselves with new resolutions. Whether they’re to better yourself or to help others, there’s one thing that most people can agree on: we want to do something new. If that desire for new brings you abroad, then we hope your feet are firmly planted in Germany right now for the 2019 edition of IMM Cologne. The first trade show of the calendar year, IMM Cologne is home to countless new designers, trends and ideas, and has recently become a hub for new ideas and inspired ways of approaching and thinking about interior design. Opening today for curious visitors and running through January 20th at Koelnmesse Hall in Cologne, Germany, the design fair hosts more than 1,200 exhibitors from approximately 50 different countries, all guaranteed to impress. The show itself is split into six “worlds”: comfort, sleep, smart, pure, prime, and global lifestyles. Each of the worlds has a specific list of products that will be on display in the area, making the show easy to navigate and approachable to everyone, no matter your level of expertise.

Photo courtesy of IMM Cologne.

One of the most well known and exciting areas of IMM Cologne is the annual “Das Haus — Interiors on Stage” installation. Each year during the show, a section of the exhibition hall is created by a selected designer or architect to look like a residential house, made to reflect their personal idea of an ideal living space. This year, Australian design team Truly Truly, made up of husband and wife Joel and Kate Booy, was selected to curate the eighth version of Das Haus. Rejecting the idea of the typical functions of certain rooms, Truly Truly created a space that feels completely organic. 2019’s Das Haus is undoubtedly on the forefront of upcoming trends; both designers have said that they want the space to be open to interpretation, even ambiguous. IMM Cologne creative director Dick Spierenburg has called it a “must see”. The installation itself can be found in the Pure Editions area of the show, and is already attracting a huge amount of attention during the show.

Image courtesy of IMM Cologne.

IMM Cologne is also offering countless other experiences, including guided tours of the exhibition hall highlighting the newest interior design trends, as well as numerous presentations by designers, architects and journalists. Also being presented is the 16th annual Pure Talents Contest, a well known and highly exclusive competition for promising young designers. As one of the most well known design contests for recent college graduates, each one of the designers selected is tasked with presenting a product that will be exhibited and later assessed. Judged by a panel of design experts, this competition allows young designers to get a foot in the door of the international interior design world, as well as allowing visitors a glimpse of new and exciting trends.

Image result for pure talents contest

Image courtesy of IMM Cologne.

Consistently on the cusp of new trends and exciting innovations, IMM Cologne 2019 will surely not disappoint those looking for something new and exciting out of the design community!

Maison et Objet – Excuse My French!

By danielle


While we often find ourselves daydreaming about Paris, this time we have an actual excuse as Maison et Objet opens its doors in just a few days. Running January 18 through January 22 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Maison et Objet is one of the leading design trade shows worldwide. Showcasing 3,000 unique exhibitors, 600 of which are new brands, and their work, it covers all aspects of the living space, from furniture to fragrance. With this year’s theme, “Excuse My French!”, Maison et Objet Paris allows attendees to, once again, “discover the unexpected”.

Trade Shows are never easy to navigate – especially ones with so much to see. This year, the show will split up into sectors for the first time (categorized by “Maison” and “Objet”) to help ease the traffic of the 90,000 annual visitors.  “Maison” will display decoration and home interiors, while “Objet” will more act as a retail space, showing individual objects and accessories for sale. These separate divisions will allow for a more organized, easy to navigate show, while providing attendees with an “Á La Carte” approach to the exhibitors and displays.

Maison et Objet is also embracing new exhibitors and designers throughout the show. New and featured exhibitor Livingthings looks to create modernized versions of typical home staples that evoke emotion in the people using them. Using just ceramic, wood and cork, Livingthings creates small items, like flower pots, with the intention of standing out. Other new exhibitors range from Mybeewrap, an eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap, to Paulina Okurowska, an artist specializing in sculpture made from slate.

VOLTASOL Large White Livingthings 02.jpg

Photo courtesy of Livingthings

Emballage alimentaire ecologique

Photo courtesy of Mybeewrap

Koré_ 35cm x 90cm, old slate and copper foil on aluminum

Photo courtesy of Paulina Okurowska

This year, Maison et Objet is also presenting 60 new speakers, all coming to the table with varied experience and expertise. Several sessions will explore the social media for business such as “To win over and build customer loyalty on Instagram” and “How to optimize publicity on Facebook and Google in 2019”, while others focus on topics like the marketing of perfume and floral design. One panel, made up of young Chinese designers will consider the impact of technological development and the rise of artificial intelligence on the world of design in the panel “Rising Talents China: a new generation of designers”. Highlighting six designers from China, all relatively early in their career, the panel will show how each speaker expresses themself in a rapidly changing design environment.

One of the most highly anticipated parts of the show is the presentation of the Designer of the Year Award. This year, the honor has been bestowed upon Sebastian Herkner. Described as having “innovative yet traditional” work, the German designer has been the recipient of numerous awards over his career. Herkner will be presenting, as well as unveiling a collection of his most recent creations at Maison et Objet, giving us even more to look forward to. Another major award is the Rising Talent award, which this year is presented to six Chinese designers.  This award follows past editions, featuring designers from the United Kingdom, Italy, and Lebanon, and the Maison et Objet will showcase work by the Rising Talents in the Exhibition center.

Sebastian Herkner

Photo courtesy of Maison et Objet

With the new layout of the trade show, as well as the introduction of new exhibitors and speakers, we’re excited to see what Maison et Objet January 2019 has to offer!


CES – Where Tomorrow Happens Now

By danielle


What’s happening at the most influential technological event of the year? A New Year translates to new ideas at CES which breaks planetary boundaries on what consumers thought was possible. With over 180,000 guests representing over 150 countries business is at the center of this event with over 4,500 companies launching products on the global market. Innovation meets opportunity with manufacturers, developers, and suppliers building strong relationships amongst each other. This combination is a recipe for success for any product launch like Black Box VR which increased its following by almost 50% after CES. This year product categories range from AR/VR and gaming, sleep tech, smart cities, and design & source showcase.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 4.58.11 PM

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

TV’s stole the show during the pre-show announcements with TVs you can roll up, talk to, and TVs bigger than the modern home wall. Apple was included as part of TV launches as most of these modern TVs will now include airplay as Apple transitions to becoming more accessible in the living room with the pending launch of their video streaming service. Las Vegas is known for its extravagance, and this show does not fall short of technological indulgence. An exciting upgrade on AR/VR technology includes mixing both technological medians to create XR which can capture 180-degree stereo image as well as 360-degree video. Other hot new items for the year include solar charging watches, monitor arms, and shoes that alert you against falls.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.18.37 PM

Photo courtesy of Wired

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.18.57 PM

Photo courtesy of Wired

Furry friends aren’t left behind with the latest device allowing consumers to track their location and environmental conditions which makes moments like flying much less frightening for owners and their pets.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.18.48 PM

Photo courtesy of Wired

Cars made a splash on day 1 like BMW  with its self-riding motorcycle that left looked like something out of a fictional movie. Ford also took the spotlight with with cars that communicate with traffic, pedestrians, and road signs. Google also played with cars by building an interactive ride to mirror the message that life can take twists and turns but with google assistant is always there for your everyday needs whether it be in the kitchen, living room or on the road #HeyGoogle


Photo courtesy of Ford

There are also products that strive to build a sustainable tomorrow like smart gardens that use LED lights, wifi, and an app to facilitate any environmental enthusiast to grow super plants anywhere they go.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 4.47.00 PM

Photo courtesy of EDN Tech

The other S word on everyone’s mind, security is one of the highlights of CES with a range of products that track everything from video doorbells to baby video monitors with breath detection. The number 1 camera robot company Amaryllo International B.V. is releasing atom AR4 and AR5 which will be a step up to their already captivating security systems.

Business just got smarter with  which uses AI to create powerful predictive models for smart applications within minutes. Companies like Continental, Chanel, and netseengery are already using their services.

And that’s a wrap! Only time will tell how these breakthrough technologies change the reality we experience.


Reshape Your World in Creativity at HeimTextile

By danielle


Not just an event. An experience “toward utopia.” Guests from all over the world are being immersed in a multi-sensory tactile experience with diverse global at HeimTextile Trends 2019/2020. Yesterday marked the opening of one of the largest events in the textile industry where new trends and innovations are on display for many to awe with the theme of this year’s event “Toward Utopia.”

This year marks more product segments, space, and a wider range of products. Not only is there a new hall structure but an interactive hall plan that includes features such as product segments, a watchlist and a search tool that enables users to navigate different details of the exhibition. Frankfurt consists of a multisensory experience which makes it possible to experience five interactive scenarios with enticing scenarios like PURSUE PLAY, SEEK SANCTUARY, OFF-GRID, ESCAPE REALITY, and EMBRACE INDULGENCE. Seek Sanctuary is a refuge from oases of hyperactivity and materialism. Products in this exhibition are functional and based around the idea of essentialism.





The “Interior. Architecture. Hospitality Expo” which serves as a meeting point for the contract industry will feature bedroom textiles this year, an exciting addition to this target group. The overall theme of this expo hall is inspired by ‘Furoshiki’ wrappings which are a Japanese tradition that uses multiple square cloths and ways of knotting and folding techniques to create an eye drawing spectacle.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 4.37.05 PM

Photo courtsey of Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Nothing is off the table with exhibitions like ‘All about Pets’ where visitors can find pet-friendly textiles for all their furry friends. An everyday ritual like sleep has its enticing forum “Sleep! The Future Forum” which includes four thematic blocks such as “Sleep & Sport” and “Sleep & Digital.”

One of the biggest buzzwords for 2019 is sustainability which will be front and center as part of the ‘green section’ that includes information about an environmental friend and social conscious textile production. The Green Tour, led by Max Gilgenmann is a must as sustainability is a big issue in 80% of visitors minds.

A fun new segment that puts a new twist on floor carpets explores the advantages of a textile floor coverings. The ‘Carpet by Heimtex’ by Verband der Deutschen Heimtextilien-Industries.V.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 10.39.08 AM

Photo courtsey of Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 10.43.31 AM

Photo courtsey of Messe Frankfurt GmbH

The cooperation between the European and Specialist Printing Manufacturers Association and Thomas Pötz has enabled the new ‘Printed Interior Decoration Lectures’ to become a reality which features the latest printing technology for textiles.

Heimtextil 2019 Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Jochen Günther

 Jochen Günther/ Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

Guided tours will help global visitors explore the massive space and discover the most exciting products at the start of the new year!



Domino X Amazon Home Holiday Pop-up

By Katie Suh


‘Tis the season to go gift shopping for your loved ones! The much anticipated Domino holiday pop-up shop is back, and this year, they have collaborated with Amazon Home to curate a beautiful selection of boutique-style gifts. The Domino X Amazon Home pop-up shop gives shoppers the dual experience of being able to enjoy in-store and online shopping at once. Customers can visit the shop, view the products themselves, then choose and pick to their liking—and conveniently check-out by simply scanning the items directly through the Amazon App, and getting their purchases delivered right to their doorsteps!

For this year’s holiday shop, Domino and Amazon Home have carefully curated a unique selection of home goods, which were all individually hand-picked by Domino editors, creatives, and interior designers. Get to know the creatives below and get a sneak peak at some of their picks!

Jessica Romm Perez, is Domino’s Editor-in-Chief. In the past, she’s worked with Elle Decor, Conde Nast Traveler, and Wall Street Journal, among many of the other media and design brands she’s worked with. Jessica is always discovering leading trends in design, home, decor, and style. Her laid-back yet chic sense of style is both modern and classy.

Areaware Balancing Blocks. Courtesy of Amazon.

Areaware Balancing Blocks. Courtesy of Amazon.

Justina Blakeney is both an artist and designer. She’s also the author of the New York Times best-selling book “The New Bohemians”. Her keen eye and distinct sense of style for colors, patterns, and plants, makes her design inspirations unique in that they are wild, free-spirited, and boho-chic.

Justina Blakeney Hamsa pillow. Courtesy of Amazon.

Justina Blakeney Hamsa pillow. Courtesy of Amazon.

Sarah Sherman Samuel is an LA-based interior and product designer. Known for transforming and creating distinctively tailored spaces through her expertise in color and pattern, Sarah’s eye for design is like no other.

The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Courtesy of Amazon.

The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Courtesy of Amazon.

Alison Roman is a culinary artist, writer, and author of “Dining In”. She’s worked as a Senior Food Editor at Bon Appetit Magazine and Buzzfeed in the past. Currently, she’s based in Brooklyn and working as a contributor for the New York Times.

Hario V60 Buono Stainless Steel Gooseneck Coffee Kettle. Courtesy of Amazon.

Hario V60 Buono Stainless Steel Gooseneck Coffee Kettle. Courtesy of Amazon.

Jonathan Adler is a potter, designer, and author who launched his first collection at Barneys New York in 1993. Over the years, he has expanded his brand into 17 boutique stores, and his designs are sold in 30 stores and over 1,000 retailers. His creations are, as he says, “happy chic.”

Now House by Jonathan Adler Decorative Accessories Stacking Boxes. Courtesy of Amazon.

Now House by Jonathan Adler Decorative Accessories Stacking Boxes. Courtesy of Amazon.

Kate Berry is a floral designer, stylist, and creative director at-large. She started her career as a floral designer, but now as she works as the Creative Director at Martha Stewart, where she not only makes floral arrangements, but curates entire spaces infused with her zest of nature.

Sugar & Cloth White Melamine Tray and Multicolor Condiment Cups Set. Courtesy of Amazon.

Sugar & Cloth White Melamine Tray and Multicolor Condiment Cups Set. Courtesy of Amazon.

Mat Sanders is an LA-based interior designer and founder of interior design service platform, Consort. His expertise lies in designed celebrity spaces. Among many of the spaces he has is Jessica Alba’s home and Lauren Conrad’s office.

Bloomingville Grey Square Cotton Blend Pillow. Courtesy of Amazon.

Bloomingville Grey Square Cotton Blend Pillow. Courtesy of Amazon.

Molly Rosen Guy was named on of the “Most Creative People” by Fast Company and Refinery29’s “Top 30 Visionaries.” She is the author of “Love, Lust and Wedding Planning for the Wild at Heart,” and she is known for her truthful, unfiltered voice in her writings.

Deco 79 Large Seagrass Woven Wicker Basket. Courtesy of Amazon.

Deco 79 Large Seagrass Woven Wicker Basket. Courtesy of Amazon.

Make sure to visit the Domino X Amazon Home holiday pop-up. It is located in the heart of SoHo, on 446 Broadway, New York and will be open until December 24th.

The Citizenry’s Holiday Pop-Up Shop Lands in the West Village

By Nicole Haddad


The Citizenry Bunkhouse

The Citizenry Bunkhouse

The Citizenry, a socially conscious home décor brand that partners with artisans from across the globe, just opened their holiday pop-up shop on Bleecker Street in the West Village. The curated collection of handcrafted items includes bedding, pillows, chairs, vases, and throws that are not only beautifully made, but help support the more than 2,100 artisans the brand works with worldwide.

Co-founders Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley travel from country to country to invest in various artisan communities—spawning beautiful collections from each namesake country. As Bentley says “Less than 1% of the world’s textiles are produced in fair trade conditions—22 million people work in this harsh reality every day. The Citizenry is committed to creating handcrafted home goods with new standards for quality, transparency, and social responsibility.”

What results is guilt-free shopping and unique items made with materials local to each community. Who wouldn’t love a luxurious throw hand-loomed by master weavers in the Peruvian Andes? The pop-up, dubbed The Citizenry Bunkhouse, is open through December 22nd and offers free gift wrapping on all purchases and complimentary craft coffee. For a list of fun events, location, and hours, see below.



The Citizenry Bunkhouse Location:

379 Bleecker Street between Perry and Charles Street.

The Citizenry Hours:

Monday–Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday Maker Series

Each Saturday, from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., The Citizenry will be hosting some of their favorite NYC makers to help customers get holiday ready. This includes artist Linda Colleta showcasing her artwork on December 8th, and award-winning author and baker Sarah Owens making baked goods in the shop on December 22nd.

Sunday Sundowns!

Every Sunday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., The Citizenry will be serving beer and wine, spinning records, and offering shoppers cookies and treats.

Champagne Send Off

Date: Saturday, December 22nd

To properly say farewell to their last night in The Bunkhouse, The Citizenry is offering shoppers bubbly from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

The Citizenry Bunkhouse offers free gift wrapping on all purchases.

The Citizenry Bunkhouse offers free gift wrapping on all purchases.

Interior Design Hall of Fame Inductees

By Katie Suh


Last week, Interior Design hosted the 34th annual Hall of Fame gala at the River Pavilion at Javits Center. The black-tie event is the Academy Awards of the interior design industry. This year, the ceremony honored five distinguished individuals selected by Interior Design editor-in-chief Cindy Allen and a committee of previous “HoF” members. Says Allen, “This year’s Hall of Fame inductees have the uncanny ability to push beyond, and their talent is matched only by a desire to create the new and the next. Their collective work is also grounded in a deep sense of humanity, that has impacted their clients, communities, and the greater world.”

Let’s take a look at this year’s inductees:

Marcel Wanders

Legendary Dutch industrial and interior designer Marcel Wanders is a pivotal figure in the industry, continuing to challenge the boundaries with unique creations marked by a playful, quirky, and whimsical character. Wanders’ extensive repertoire encompasses more than 1,900 projects and product designs for Baccarat, Cappellini, Christofle, Flos, Kartell, KLM, Louis Vuitton, Morgans Hotel Group, Poliform, Puma, and Swarovski. His eye-catching designs are also featured in the most prestigious cultural institutions and museums throughout the world including the Centre Pompidou and MoMA. “I want to change design as an idea. We have created a throwaway society and I think that’s what we have to fight within the context of design. I want to create a world that’s more durable, that’s just more romantic – more human.” – Wanders.

Mondrian Doha, a five-star hotel in Qatar, designed by Marcel Wanders. Courtesy of Marcel Wanders.

Mondrian Doha, a five-star hotel in Qatar, designed by Marcel Wanders. Courtesy of Marcel Wanders.

Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott of IwamotoScott

Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott are the work and life couple who have been powerhouses in the San Francisco design and architecture arena with massive projects on the workplace scene. Their recent completed work includes Pinterest, Bloomberg Media, and Twitch. The fluid and organic designs of Iwamoto and Scott transform any space into a living and breathing organism – one that not only serves as a perceptual experience but interacts with its environment. “When we approach interiors, we do it with an architectural eye. We like to think about it really spatially and formally – and abstractly. You know, light and proportion – they’re such classic drivers of architecture for so long – but it’s the space that we occupy that allows us to perceive all those relationships.” – Iwamoto and Scott.  

Voussoir Cloud installation for the Southern California Institute of Architecture gallery in Los Angeles in 2008. Courtesy of IwamotoScott.

Voussoir Cloud, an installation for the Southern California Institute of Architecture gallery in Los Angeles in 2008. Courtesy of IwamotoScott.

Patrick Tighe of Tighe Architecture

As one of Los Angeles’s preeminent architects, Patrick Tighe has a unique vernacular for design. His philosophy, that architecture can profoundly impact one’s experience of and in this world, influences every project he works on. Tighe has not only completed large-scale commercial and retail projects, but he has also worked on projects that reach out to local marginalized communities by creating housing for the homeless and LGBT and creating an all-accessible playground on Malibu beach. His works in varying social contexts have truly made him a leader in the industry. “You can’t do a great building without thinking about the interior. And you can’t do a great interior without thinking about how it connects to a larger idea.” – Tighe


Trahan Ranch, a residential project in the rolling hills landscape of Texas Hill Country. Courtesy of Tighe Architecture.

Kengo Kuma of Kengo Kuma and Associates

One of the pioneering figures of contemporary architecture today is Kengo Kuma. His practice is unique in its exploration of everyday materials and use in different unconventional ways. Kuma mixes traditional Japanese ideas with that of modern-day techniques, creating unprecedented structures with the same appearance of lightness and softness but with unexpected materials like stone in place of wood or glass used in traditional Japanese architecture. Kuma continues to explore the limitless boundaries of materiality in his designs. “Design is about the relationship between the material and us. The most important thing is to create intimacy between me and every element of the building.” – Kuma

A Yakitori bar on the outskirts of Tokyo, decorated with a web of colored cables. Courtesy of Erieta Attali.

A yakitori bar on the outskirts of Tokyo, decorated with a web of colored cables. Courtesy of Erieta Attali.

Let’s Make a DIFFArence!

By Katie Suh


Table by M Moser at DIFFA's 20th annual Dining By Design. Courtesy of Marion Curtis.

Table by M Moser at DIFFA’s 20th annual Dining By Design. Courtesy of Marion Curtis.

Today is the first day of December, and it is World AIDS Day. In the spirit of giving during this holiday season, we would like to share a note from our friends at DIFFA (Design Industries Fighting AIDS), about this cause that needs continued support:

On this 30th annual World AIDS Day, DIFFA commemorates the 500,000 people in the United States whose lives have been tragically cut short by HIV-related causes and celebrate the progress in new diagnostic methods and antiretroviral medicine that are saving lives. There are more than 1.1 million people living with HIV in the United States today and nearly 40,000 people were diagnosed with HIV in the United States in 2016. These staggering statistics are representative of REAL PEOPLE who are impacted within our communities and highlights the urgent need to join hands to end HIV/AIDS and stop new diagnoses.

The fight to end HIV/AIDS requires global collaboration and a multi-pronged approach that includes unbiased access to treatment and targeted education and prevention methods to communities most at-risk. More than 22 million people living with HIV worldwide are without treatment. Increased cross-sector partnerships are needed to support widespread treatment to prevent illnesses, death and avert new infections.

DIFFA is in full support of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 strategy to end AIDS by 2020. UNAIDS 90-90-90 relies on global solidarity to ensure that at least 90% of people know their status, receive adequate treatment, and achieve viral suppression. With less than 2 years to actualize this goal, DIFFA grantees are working daily to ensure treatment, education and direct services are offered to key groups who need it most. Our grant making efforts supports dozens of organizations nationwide and guarantees they have the funds and resources needed to continue their work.

Grantees like Boom!Health, GMHC and North Idaho AIDS Coalition provide educational outreach; Callen-Lorde, Hetrick-Martin Institute and AID Atlanta offer prevention and PrEP methods to at-risk population; and Housing Works, SAGE, and Planned Parenthood provides case management and testing services. Collectively, DIFFA grantees address the critical needs of the UNAIDS strategy to end AIDS by 2020.

This World AIDS Day, join us in pledging your support; help us meet our goal to end AIDS. Get tested, get treated and contribute to the efforts of so many others to fight HIV/AIDS across the nation. Visit to make a difference.

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