Top Trends & Fun Products from NY Now

By danielle


We’ve been to our fair share of trade shows this year and are so happy to see the floors filled with attendees.  NY Now, formerly known as the New York International Gift Fair, followed this positive trend. I think it is safe to say that the recession inspired creativity and new beginnings. Many of the companies we met with were new – less than 2 years old. Young and talented, they brought fresh ideas, cool new products and innovative ideas to market.

Let’s take a closer look at this gifted new group and two of the tops trends in Accent on Design…

Organic Influences

With a roster of brilliant designers including Kiel Mead, byAMT and IN.SEK Design and Brian Farrell Art and Design, we just had to check out the AmDC booth. We fell in love with Farrell’s new collection The Forest, which also reminded me of freshly sharpened pencils. Based in Brooklyn, his work delivers both an urban, yet organic aesthetic.

In keeping with the tree theme, Design Ideas presented a series of colorful flat-pack Christmas trees…

…while Areaware‘s Infinite Tree by Johannes Molin were designed using the measurements of the Golden Ratio.

Contemporary product design company Sempli embraces the freeze with the debut of the new Ice Collection. Typical of the brand, the line blends Swedish simple functionality with Italian style and elegance.  Its frosted decanter is the only one of its kind on the market. The swirling rotation of the glass when posed on a table allows for wine to oxygenate in a perfect manner.

In less than 1 year, Souda has made its mark on the industry. Back for its second showing at the gift fair, the young design trio is already golden. The newest line, the Kawa Gold Series, features organic, one-of-a-kind porcelain objects enhanced by their reflective gold interiors. The offerings, which include a jewelry dish, small bowl and large tray, are hand-painted with an over-glaze that contains actual gold particles.

Color, Color Everywhere!

Cool, colorful and certainly clever, I’ve been obsessed with Uno Magnetic‘s bracelets since WantedDesign! Now the brand, founded by award-winning architect and interior designer Luis Pons in 2011, is expanding into the accessories category with belts, buckles and charms for both men and women.

Bend‘s story began in 2010. The LA-based design and manufacturing company gives shape to our lives with innovative and playful furniture, lighting and accessories.

See Concept‘s new magnetic magnifying glasses caught our eye. Founded  in 2010 by three childhood friends inParis, France, the visionary company is producing innovative and design-forward optic products. With this new introduction, you’ll never have to look for your glasses again!



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